2000 Trafalgar bus tour of Bohemia

Bohemian Highlights Tour - April 15 to 30, 2000
This is a condensed version of my travel journal notes. The Tour Guide was hopeless. We were not given any itinerary, and I do not seem to have bought any of the tourist books available for the cities we visited. My pictures are not great and I have no idea where most of them are from. My journal notes are much more graphic about the troubles we had with tedious Tadeus, the Tour Guide. Someday I will have my daily journal notes added to Pre 1989 Travel Logue page. It is a Private and Password protected page. Contact me for the password.
April 15 - 16 - Victoria - Vancouver - direct flight to Frankfurt 10 hour flight, met by tour guide, Tadeus Suski, on to the bus to hotel. We get a bit of rest and then back to the bus for a tour of Frankfurt - cathedral, river. Back to hotel for another nap, then to welcome drinks and dinner. 31 of us and 49 seats on the bus.

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