2000 Trafalgar bus tour of Bohemia

April 25 - Vienna (Wien). We toured the summer palace and shopped in the morning, and saw the opera house after lunch at the Rosenburg's - salads. The weather has cooled. I love Vienna. Rest in the afternoon and dinner with Raymond Brodner.(We had phoned them and invited them to dinner with us at the Hotel. The whole group was there too. His wife, Lynda could not be there as she was in the hospital) We had salmon and white asparagus and could see the Danube out our window. We introduced Raymond to the Engineer Lady from Brazil, as he, too, is an engineer - they had a good chat. Raymond has hundreds of orchids, collects them when they travel. Puts them outside in the summer. Lynda paints. Has had a successful exhibition of her paintings earlier this year (oils).
April 26 - Vienna to Prague (Czeck Republic) Cross the border and lunch stop in Brno. Stop to see the Lichtenstien Castle and garden. To our hotel by 4:30 - Dinner at 6:30 in the hotel. Out on a tour (extra) at 8:30 and back by 10:00. Rode around on a little train thing, drinks in a pub.

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