Some very interesting information on The Acropolis, in Athens
We were on a Trafalgar bus tour from Feb. 25 to March 7th, 2001. Toured Athens ( Parthenon, Acropolis, stadium, museums),Temple of Poisiden, cruise to the islands, Agineau, Poros, Hydra. Drove to see Corinth Canal, with a stop at Apollo's temple. Then to Epidarus (healing center and sanctuary of Asclepius) and a well perserved theatre. To Olympia (Temple of Zeus) and Delphi with the temple of Apollo at the top and a very good museum. Next to the monasteries (St. Stephen's) that are high atop mountains. The monks would get up there in baskets on long ropes. They have a very narrow road now.
Back to Athens to catch our flight to Rhodes where we do our own touring for 3 days. Then to Crete for another 3 days. (Herakalion museum and Knossos, or labyrinth) An excellent tour, with very good food. But this is also known as the lost luggage tour, as we had to recover our luggage 3 times on this trip.

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