Trip to France in 2002, Le Pont apartment with rental Reneault
Day 1- Home to Pont Royal -- February 15, 2002
We flew Luftansa Vancouver to Frankfurt, to Munich to Marseille. We managed the air travel in not too bad shape. We have been awake for more than 24 hours. At Marseille we pick up our Renault (standard/gas) with the usual efficiency (10 minutes). We set off in the dark and the rain to find Pont Royal. I am tired and grumpy, and we need gasoline. Pat puts up with all this and finds our way after just a couple wrong turns and asking at someone’s home. The man got in his car and drove us to the gate – we were only about 10 minutes away from the place, but missed the signs in the dark. We get registered, unpack. Pat has classical music going on his little radio.

fr001_small.jpg fr002_small.jpg fr003_small.jpg fr004_small.jpg fr005_small.jpg
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