Page 2: This was quite an adventure. We had no mosquitos or black flies. Some of the highlights were: When we left the Peace Arch, and did a mad dash through Vancouver our car began over heating. Tom and Diane following us. We limp into Pemberton, Tom and Pat flush the radiator several times along the way, remove the broken thermostat, and the water pump gasket. All this makes us well behind the group. We get a room in Pemberton. Wildlife sighting: Horse and rider in the lobby of hotel! Next morning Tom and Pat change the water pump etc. and we are on our way by 12:30. After that things got better and better. Leaving Dawson Creek, B.C. at Mile 0 pole, Liard hot springs, all the wildlife and the flowers in bloom, the nearly midnight sun, Lake Kluane, my star saphire ring from Fairbanks, the top of the world highway, the 'Follies' a 3 act play at the theater in our box seats at Dawson City, Emerald Lake on the way to Skagway, the trip on the MV Columbia of the Alaska Marine Highway from Skagway to Billingham, USA. This ferry makes stops to deliver or pick up people or cargo. Kite flying off the deck of the ferry, with Tom and Diane.

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