Amsterdam, Lisbon, Algarve, Portugal, Seville, Spain, Gibralter and to Tangiers, Morrocco
January 8 to 29, 1994. We landed in Amsterdam for an overnight (with excellent food at the Holiday Inn). Flew to Lisbon where we met the tour guide at the airport and to our hotel by taxi. We had tickets for a bus tour of the city. It is raining, the tour guide is hard to understand, never the less, we see quite a lot of things and are well informed. The next day we walked to the Zoo. It was a long walk but well worth it. Then we walked to the Gulbenkian Museum which was excellent, then caught a taxi back to our hotel. The next day we pick up our rented car and set off for Fatima the miracle , and on to our apartment (the Jardim du Vau) in the Al Garve. Wish I had photos of the place. We were right on the beach. There were some beautifull rock formations. We spent about 5 days touring around the Al Garve. We took a 3 day added bus trip through Spain to Gibralter and to Morrocco. When we got back to our apartment we spent about 5 more days of exploring the Al Garve, then flew home via the good food in Amsterdam. I really must get the travel journal notes done up for the Travel logue page. This was a very interesting trip.

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