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A Trafalgar bus tour of Rome, Florence, Venice in 10 days in Februray, 1996. Short but sweet trip.
Italy - February 11 to 19. British Air - Vancouver to London arrive in Rome on the 12th due to flight time and difference in global time. 33 people on our bus tour.Tour guides - Don and Edie Swaile. We see Rome in a day. 13th - on the bus by 7:45 in a light rain. See the ruins of the forum and the Colliseum, see the Tiber and more old buildings, the Pitea, St.Peter's Basilica, Vatican museum, Michelangeo's ceiling in the Cistine Chapel, the Catacombs, and other sites. Back to the hotel, drinks with the group and back on the bus to our 6 course dinner at the Canova. Getting to know the people, including John and Jaromy. Then tour of the lights and sights including Trevi fountain.
On the 14th we see more of Rome, Siena, Florence. On the 15th we see more of Florence and Pisa. On the walking tour in Florence the group was attacked by a Gypsy. I think we won. Then on to the 'David' sculpture. After lunch we carry on to Pisa. On the 16th we have another early start and a 3 hour drive to Venice. It is Carnival time! We have an extra boat tour that goes to The Doge's Palace, the Bridge of Sighs, and the prison next to it. Wonderful seafood lunch stop, then free to walk and shop on this island of Burano. Back to our boat and to St.Mark's square, which is packed with Carnival people in costumes. We get our mad hatter hats. After more adventures, back to our hotel and dinner. On the 17th we have a 7 hour bus ride back to Rome, our hotel and then out to a dinner place.
On the 18th up early again and on the bus by 7:15 to the Airport and catch our flight to London. On another bus to our hotel, The President. We are tired and it is cold out. We stay in and after lunch, resting and light supper we meet some of the people for drinks in the bar till 11:30, even though everyone is very tired. On the 19th we return to Vancouver, to Victoria and home. I go to bed and sleep for 24 hours.

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