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Although page: Piano Man.

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Sweet memories of you
are making me blue
but its true
although we are apart
there's a glow in my heart

We once spent time
typing line after line
its hard to define
although we no longer chat
why I remember all that.

Will there come a time
or will I always pine
for what isn't mine
although I cannot see
what the future will be.

We have an unusual bond
that makes me fond
far far beyond
although there's no harm
or cause for alarm.

Since we are not
behaving without thought
or with moral rot
although with consideration
for each others situataion.

Times when a friend
can help to mend
hurts and defend
although not there in actuality
but supported spiritually.

Friendships can transcend
and live to the end
past claws that rend
although never rescind
the paths that are predestined.

Life is full of co-incidences
curious incidences
like cheese blintzes
although not easily understood
mostly turn out good.

I will wait patiently
to eventually see
the answers understandably
although not fully revealed
life's lesson is not concealed.


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