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The car featured in the photo below is Lin and Joy Nash's 1902 Rambler

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Antique Autos Events

Pat owns a 1915 Model T Speedster. This qualifies as an Antique Auto. The Antiques are a branch (chapter) of the Vintage Car Club of Canada. The main events we attend with this group are the Island Challenge and the summer meets arranged by the Vancouver people. These meets have been in various places in the Province of B.C. We also attend a few May Tours that are arranged by the VCCC. I will be adding them to these albums. Our Bentley and our Model T (the Speedster and the Torpedo Roadster) have been on May tours. The 2012 was especially memorable for the "Best of Class" in Antique category on the judging field.

Pat has had the Speedster for 17 years as of 2009 and is now in the process of having his new old 1912 Torpedo Roadster Model T Ford rebuilt.

In the spring of 2011 Pat got the 1912 Model T finished and back from James shop. We use it in the Father's day run, the Model T Ford Pincher Creek meet and get the bugs worked out. At the Island Challenge it runs very well.


  • 2019 - Sept, 6, 7, 8th, 2019.
    Face Book: VCCC page by Paul and Liz Taylor: VCCC Facebook Photos by Don Stevens and Paul Taylor. Thanks Paul for the write up: Pictures from this weekend's "Once In A Lifetime Tour". Congratulations to Ray Koch, Wayne McCargar and all of the Nanaimo Chapter for a wonderful Tour!
    The tour started on Friday afternoon with a meet and greet, and a visit from Tundra, the wolf. (at the home of Rita and Bob Skarset.) Here we were, gathered in the shade of a willow tree enjoying snacks and drinks. Of course, we toured the garage, too. Then a tour of Ken Schley's secret car collection and a chili, buns, beer and desserts meal. (no photos or food allowed)
    Saturday: Pulling into Gabriola Island. (for the Gabriola Island circle tour) Our first stop was the Gabriola Island Museum. The museum has a section devoted to the Hippies of the 1970's, many of whom still live there. The Museum is home to several rock carvings, or petroglyphs, carved by the local First Nations people. The Gabriola Golf Club was our lunch stop. We visited Silva Bay. The resort here burned down a couple of years ago. The sandstone formations at Berry Point show the erosion of many years of wave action. That's Entrance Island in the background, at the entrance to Nanaimo's busy harbour. (Lighthouse on Entrance Island is a manned light station) Here I am on the beach at Berry Point. (Our intrepid reporter, Paul Taylor) Our 1968 Cutlass, in line for the ferry. Yes, we did get the top down later! (We rode with them, in the Cutlass to the banquet. Top was up. But it is a beautiful car. Thanks Paul and Liz for all the good information and photos on Facebook, and for the ride to the wind-up banquet. The delicious banquet was at the Piccaddily Bistro. Photos by Don Stevens included in the album. Thank you, Don for the photos. Paul's photo and comment on Facebook: The Tour cake, just before it was cut into at least 60 pieces! We did not attend the Brunch Sunday morning at the Nanaimo Club House.
  • 2018 - March 17, 2018. Antiques chapter has the Annual Island meeting at Nanaimo ABC restuarant with Peter Finlay presiding. Lunch follows and then a garage tour at Bob and Rita Skarset's property. Good meeting, well attended. We pick up Ken and Jaimie from Duke Point ferry, and return Ken, Jaimie comes later with someone else. No photo album.
  • 2017 - Sept. 8, 9, 10, 2017. The Island Challenge is now called the Island Autumn Tour and this is the third one by that name. Organized by Cowichan Valley Chapter. Organizing Committee: Tom and Ann Tams, Dale and Dianne McConnell, Cheryl Nielson, Bill Tuomi, John Kurp, Ken Haugen, and Alf Jabs. Tour to Dave Morgan's Garage on Friday, tour the Cowichan Valley area and banquet at the Ramada Inn on Saturday. Laura and Kevin were the disappointed winners of the Hard Luck Wrench award. Back to Victoria with breakfast at Tim Hortons. Corn Roast in the afternoon at the Saanich Historical Artifacts. Our Model T ran well in the rain until near the lunch stop when we had extreme clutch slippage. Pat adjusted the clutch fingers and we were on our way to the lunch stop at Jakes on the Lake. Nice run despite the rain and slipping clutch.
  • 2016 - Sept. 9, 10, 11, 2016. The Island Challenge is organized by Laura and Kevin from Campbell River. We tow the 1912 Torpedo Roaster Model T to the meet hotel at the Discovery Center in Campbell River via the scenic route with a stop at the York Street Cafe in Duncan for lunch. We arrive just in time to miss the short tour to Elk Falls, where they have a new suspension bridge over a deep chasm. We have dinner in the pub and meet Dave and Phyllis over a plate of ribs. The view from our hotel room looks out over the south end of Discovery Passage, which lies along the important coastal Inside Passage shipping route. Then to the meet and greet, visit Joy N. and Pat has a good visit with Richard R. Dave P. is 89 this year and Rosemary is back in Sask. visiting. In the morining after breakfast, Pat unloads and gasses up the car. After some visiting in the line up we head off to Gold River. The car is running very well. We were first to the coffee stop at Elk Portal. Four of the first five cars there were Model Ts. We follow James K. to Gold River, and almost keep up. We carry on to the Ridge Roadhouse Pub and Restaurant in Gold River, for a very nice buffet lunch. We head back after lunch, but some stay behind to tour the town and the dock. We were racing the clouds and rain back to Campbell River and made it with just a few spits of rain on us. We had time to relax before the happy hour and banquet, buffet style. Was very good. Pat liked his roast beef and high test horseradish. We listened to a talk by Danny from the museum all about the old machines, and logging, back in the day. Our table got cookies for winning the car related quizz.. of course there were 4 knowledgeable guys at our table. Pat won a door prize of $20.00 at Tim Hortons. It was a very nice meet and good to see everyone. Goodbyes and breakfast in the morning, and on home arriving about 3:30.
  • 2015 - Sept. 12, 13, 14, 2015. This is a no frills tour hosted by the Nanaimo people. They are calling it the Autumn tour and there are many newer, non-antique cars. We travel to Nanaimo and find the Inn on the Lake, and go to the Presbyterian Church Hall for a buffet. Next morning we gather at the Hall and leave on the tour at 9:00. We get our run instructions on the way out of the parking lot and cards to play the game we think is a poker hand. We toured to Lanceville by the old island highway 19A and followed old island highway to Courtenay. We stopped at Qualicum Beach to regroup. Lunch at the Quality Foods Deli in Courtenay. Visiting before we left and returned, all in glorious sunshine, with gusts of wind. Ice Cream stop and return to Nanaimo about 4:30. We go to the Hall for dinner with Len and Jan in their Huppmobile. No alcohol at the meal. Jan and Len came over to our room and we made up for it by finishing off Pat's Irish whiskey. The car ran beautifully, as Pat had fixed it by tightening up the loose float needle seat. We headed back to Victoria and did not go to the clubhouse for breakfast, as Pat wanted to go to the corn roast at the Saanich Artifacts.
  • 2015 - March 22. We drove up to Crofton to meet with the Antique Chapter of the VCCC, on an overcast day. Very nice lunch at the Crofton Seniors Center, then on to Charlie Baird's Fat Robin Farm to visit his collection. The star of the show was his 1913 Chalmers touring Car, which eventually started and ran very nicely. Along side it was a 1920 Cadillac, Series 59 touring car. Pat enjoyed seeing all the people again, because it is only once a year for most of them now.
  • 2015 - January 1. We had a cool and sunny day for our New Year's day run. The tour was well attended, and well organized. We finished, as usual, at McCall's for doughnuts and coffee.
    Note: I do not see a 2014 New Year's Day run, but do see photos from a visit from Dan and Irene on the 3rd, so we may have missed that run; or I missed getting photos, anyway.
  • VCCC Ghostly Tour - Oct. 28, 2014. The Vinettes of the VCCC organized an interesting, fun tour to the haunted houses in Victoria. We had a guided tour of the Ross Bay Cemetery and finished at the Pub in the mall across the street. Thanks for all your hard work Ruby and the rest of the Vinettes to set this up. Here is Liz's write up the Club news magazine Ghostly Tour
  • 2014 - Sept. 5, 6, 7, 2014. The Island Challenge is in the Victoria area with the Howard Johnson as the meet hotel. Arrangements made by Paul and Liz Taylor, with their helpers, Jane, Bill, Pat, Bob. We have registration on Friday, an early bird tour to Viking Air, and a meet and greet in the evening in the hotel. We start with an early breakfast on Saturday, then tour out to Pearson College where we get a guided tour and lunch. After lunch we go to Jim and Sheila Colwell's house for a look at his mascot collection. Banquet at the Hotel and a view of Bill's photos of the day and then a presentation by Jim on his mascot collection. Sunday is the Corn Roast at the Saanich Artifacts. Hot weather, great tours and really good food. We had a bit of trouble with starting the T but not sure why.
  • 2013 - Sept. 6, 7, 8. We had excellent weather for The Island Challenge this year. The meet hotel was the Silver Bridge Inn, Duncan. A wonderfully well organized tour by Jocely and Derek and their helpers. We tour in convoy on some new and interesting roads in brilliant sunshine. A box lunch at Coal Tressel, garage tour at Jim's place. We miss the cookies and coffee as Pat is doing an adjustment to the bands of the car. Good banquet back at the hotel. Breakfast at the Duncan Fair and home about 2. A very good meet.
  • 2013 - January 1. The rain stopped falling so we had a nice New Year's day run, with a few new streets leading to the waterfront drive and back through downtown to McCall's for coffee and doughnuts. There was a good turnout. We took the Bently and it ran very well.
  • 2012 - Sept. 7, 8 & 9. We had excellent weather for The Island Challenge this year. The meet hotel was the Campbell River Lodge that is located right beside the river. Very picturesque. Despite the gravel roads and the new owners of the Lodge, the meet was an outstanding success. We toured to Quadra Island seeing William Van Orden's place and to a Glass blowing studio. After the banquet evening we continued the visiting at Banners Restuarant over breakfast on Sunday. Superb food, good run and perfect weather. Fortunately Pat and James had been able to repair the bolts to fix the head gasket problem that had reoccurred on Monday; on Thursday evening, just before our departure on Friday morning.
  • 2012 - May 11, 12, 13, 2012. Tour organized by Nanaimo Chapter of VCCC. There were a number of people on the committee and it takes a lot of people to organize these events. The weather was great, as was the food. Pat was awarded the Best of Class for the Antique category. We drove 'over the hump' through Port Alberni and arrived at the judging field at the McLeans' Mill, in a cloud of steam. Fortunately it was a blown head gasket, and nothing more.
  • 2011 - Sept. 9 10 11, 2011. The 12th annual Island Challenge is at Port Alberni. We drive up on Friday with the T in the new T Cart. Lovely drive. Dinner at the Barclay Hotel Cafe and the registration later. The tour takes us about 65 miles we see the McLean Mill, and a winery for a scrumptious lunch. Banquet in hotel, all nicely organized by Laura and Kevin Neufeld. The weather is unseanonably hot.
  • 2010 - Sept. 10, 11, 12, 2010. The Island Challenge is in the Victoria area with the Comfort Inn as the meet hotel. Arrangements made by Paul and Liz Taylor and their helpers. We tour to the Sooke Museum and have lunch there. Banquet at Royal Colwood Golf Club. There is the Sunday Corn Roast at the Saanich Historical Artifacts. 23 cars registered. Its our first Island Challenge with the T Torpedo Roadster. We lose our brakes on the way back from the Museum. Pat does some repairs en route.
  • 2009 - Nov. 6, 7, 8, 2009. We walk on the Coho on Friday and Cyrs pick us up in Port Angeles. Early next morning we go to Bremerton for the Swap Meet. Its pouring rain, of course. We overnite with Cyrs and are back home on the Coho on Sunday.
  • 2009 - Sept. 11 - 13, 2009. The Island Challenge is in the Duncan area with the Silver Bridge Inn as the meet hotel. Arrangements made by Vern Wellburn family and friends.
  • 2009 - June 5, 6, 7, 2009. Antiques tour on the Sunshine Coast, organized by Peter, Theresa Findlay and helpers. We had one night in Gibson's, and then in Sechelt. We cruised the Jervis Inlet on the Malibou Princess for lunch. It was a wonderful meet and tour.
  • 2009 - May 9 and 10, 2009. Tour organized by Victoria Chapter of VCCC. There were a number of people on the committee. Was nice sunny weather for the tour that was well attended.
  • 2008 - Sept. 4 - 7 2008 The Island Challenge was arranged by the Nanaimo Club with a visit to a wildlife refuge and Englishman River Falls and much more.
  • 2008 The first run for the new Pleasure Way (2000)Dodge Lodge on February 14, 15, 16, 17, 2008, to the Puyallup Swap Meet. Visit Dan and Irene
  • 2007 - October 5 - 6, 2007. Munroe Swapmeet in the Pleasureway Van.
  • 2007 - September 7, 8 & 9, 2007 The Island Challenge. We trailer the car to Campbell River. We go to Quadra Island and many other interesting things
  • 2007 - July 12 - 15, 2007. Antique Car meet at Chilliwack - 25th anniversary.. Arranged by John, Bess Reilley, Peter, Theresa Findlay and others.

  • 1991 - VCCC Tour - 4 days to Port Townsend. I got my L'Conner teddy bear on this trip. NO JOURNAL NOTES, NO PHOTOS.

  • 1988 - May 1988 - To Prince George on May Tour. We go to Prince Rupert in our Bentley for the May Tour. I have NO JOURNAL NOTES or PHOTOS, just memories. After the Tour we travelled to Prince Rupert with Jack and Janice Porcher. We caught the ferry to Port Hardy and drove down the Island to home.

  • - - - All Albums listed are under construction. . . . to be continued . . .

  • Genoa Bay - We take at least an annual trip on the motorcycle to have lunch at Genoa Bay. I go every chance I get. Its a beautiful spot. It has a nice little art shop, on the water, of course.
  • Car stuff - RROC & BDC - We have gone many places with the Fuel Economy Meet, and the Spring Meet.
  • Car Stuff - Model Ts - We attend meets with the Can-Am group, the Model Ts day, annually.
  • Car Stuff - Antiques - The cars and the members of this group are often the same as the people in the other groups, but we go to some interesting places with a meet that lasts 5 days with the Antique chapter of the VCCC. We attend the Island Challenge with this group annually.
  • Car Stuff - The Chevy Van - We had this Van for 7 years and sold it in June of 2003.
  • Car Stuff - The 1995 Pleasure Way Dodge Lodge - We had this Van for 5 years and traded it for the 2000 Wide Body Pleasure Way Dodge Lodge in February, 2008.
  • Car Stuff - The 2000 Wide Body Pleasure Way Dodge Lodge - We had this Van for 5 years and traded it for the 2000 Wide Body Pleasure Way Dodge Lodge in February, 2008.
  • Car Stuff - The 2017/18 Leisure Travel Van - We picked up our new Leisure Travel Van in August, 2017
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