Unity Twin Bed/Mercedes Benz

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The Unity Twin Bed/Mercedes Benz

In 2017 we started to look for a new camperized van and settled on the Leisure Travel Unity Twin Bed Mercedes Benz diesel Plus B motorhome. This vehicle runs on diesel fuel and so we get better mileage. The motor is a Mercedes Benz built in Germany. The Chassis is built by EEE in Winkler, Manitoba. It is 5 feet longer and wider, as well as higher than the Dodge Lodge. It has mattresses on the twin beds, televisions back and front. Larger 3 way fridge, microwave/convection oven, pull out pantry, sink, 2 burner propane stove and corian counter top in the galley. There is a toilet and sink in the bathroom and a self contained shower across the hall. The shower door, when open shuts the bedroom and bath area off from the rest of the area in the van. The passenger seat and drivers seat are very comfortable and adjustable. They turn to face the table that sets up just behind them, with 2 more seats facing the table. The table too is adjustable and locks into place.

Repairs, etc:

  • 2018:
    While on our trip to the US in 2018 a light came on in the display. We imagined the light was something to do with the Bio Diesel we had added to the fuel. We spent a couple of days worrying about this light. When we got to Sacramento we happened to meet a knowledgeable person who told us about where to take the Benz to find out about this problem. He said that the best place to go to would be in Rocklin. Pat made an appointment with them. In the morning we set off in a horrible windy sleeting storm but made it to the dealership. The light was to due to a software upgrade; not the B fuel. They did the upgrade, topped up the DEF, no charge. The work done was under warranty. The trip back to Sacramento was better as the storm had abated somewhat by this time.
    While on our trip to Saskatchewan in 2018; on our way home the freezer door locked up. When we got home Pat spent days trying to get this fixed. He finally got Fennells to have it fixed. This too was under warranty, but once Pat had presented Dometic with the bill for the repair it took from September to Februrary to get them to send the cheque for the $80.00 dollars. He was persistent and finally they delivered. They seemed to be having some internal problem with their mailout system.
  • 2019:
    When refilling the tanks for this season the Truma water heater indicated decalcifying was required. Triangle RV got the required tablets and Pat fixed it.
  • On our one overnight at Beaver Lake Resort, at Cowichan Lake, on May 4, we noticed that there was water seeping out from under the toilet. We mopped it up and turned the pump off after flushing to keep the water flow to a minimum.
    Also on this ill fated trip we hit a rock and did some serious damage to the right side of the van, with a long scrape along the bottom, including the part over the fender of the back wheel. On June 4th Pat picked up the Mercedes Manor from BMT. They repaired the scrape perfectly for $2,735.61. It looks as good as new. We now wait for parts to fix the toilet. We got back from Cyrs with toilet parts in hand. Pat arranges to deliver them to BMT. On July 16, 2019 Pat got the Benz back from BMT with the toilet fixed and $1321.66 lighter bank accout, plus taxi fare.(just one way, this time)
  • On May 16, 2019 Pat took the Benz to Three Point Motors for its service "A" which was a basic oil change. They checked the brakes, they checked the tires, they topped up the DEF and repaired the left side door latch which wasn't responding to the key. This cost $358.00. Service "B" is at 30,000 k or in about a year.
  • On July 10, 2019 we caught the Coho to go to Dan and Irene's place. Pat had arranged with Dometic to have the parts to repair the toilet delivered to Dan and Irene's place. He has an order form from BMT for the part, which he has paid for. We had a fine visit and overnight with them. We had gone with them to their RV group's meeting the night before. Irene is the secretary. The part arrived later in the evening. In the morning Irene made breakfast and shortly after they took us to the Coho. We had a nice cruise home and passed the inspection with a $7.00 duty to pay on the part.
  • 2020:
  • In July of 2020, Pat found he could get the leveling jacks installed in the Benz. He phoned Big Boys Toys at Parksville, who told him they needed to look after their people, and he wasn't one of them. And that they might be able to look after him in September or October. He emailed EEE LTV in Winkler and communicated with Benji Wall about a date to have the jacks installed at the factory, in Winkler Manitoba. We were to be there on August 6, early in the morning so that they could start what they estimated was going to be 8 hours of work. They let us stay overnite on the 6th and spend the day in the lounge at the factory. Since they did not need to remove any stablizing jacks, it took them less time to get the job done. We were having trouble with the water heater indicator light. They installed the jacks and gave Pat an app on his phone to operate them. (there is a manual operation panel on the side of the side door entry step)They showed him how to run the App. They suggested wiping down the jacks to keep them clean as dirt can jam them. They also mentioned getting some kind of guards added to the jacks. They fixed the water heater pressure thing but forgot to add some kind of code and had to take the Benz back into the shop to add the code. Pat pays the piper at $5481.24 and we head back to the campsite at Morden at about 2:00, with a stop for ribs at Boston Pizza. Pat is happy with his new jacks. They work well. But we did get into a campsite that was way, way off level and Pat figured out that he had to added 3 boards under one of the jacks to get it level.
  • August 26, 2020
    Pat took the Benz to the First Response glass shop, on Vanulman, and had a stone chip on the windshield fixed. The cost was covered by ICBC insurance.
    In early September
    Pat found he could have a table that would swing to the side installed right in the same place that the more stationary table is now. With further communication with Triple E in Winkler they decided what parts he needed to get the job done. On September 8th the table shipped, arriving on our doorstep on the 13th via UPS. Pat was delighted with the new table. It was assembled, and he installed it on the 14th. He says "As to install, virtually plug and play!" All this for $536.55.
  • 2021:
    June 16, 2021
    We damaged the ladder on the back of the Benz. Pat ordered a new one from the Triplee factory in Winkler. It arrived mid June, and cost $324.81 including $109.94 of shipping. As at June 17th Pat is in the process of replacing the bent ladder.
  • 2022:
    March 29, 2022
    Pat says: In January 2022 Triple E sent us a recall notice respecting the exhaust from the Fridge when running on Propane. Heatgshields were available as a precautionary measure as some discolouration had been noted, which could lead to a fire hazard. As we have no local dealer presently they sent us the parts with instructions. Triangle RV agreed to perform the installation, in about 6 weeks, which they did on March 29th. As I had agreed to pay them, Triple E have agreed to reimburse me $84.00.
    While at Triangle RV I asked about the rubber pads for the automatic leveling jacks. They ordered them in and they arrived the next day. As I was in their "system" they gave me a 10% discount, which helped bring the total to about $306.00. I'll install the pads on the jacks on a warm day, when the rubber pads are nice and malleable.
  • Albums:

    • Since the Unity Twin Bed / Mercedes Benz Van is just new at the time of making this page I eventually expect to have more photos added to this photo album HERE Any trips where we go camping in this motorhome will be mentioned on the Travel Logue page and perhaps on the Antiques page or the Model Ts page depending on the event, and on the Travel page, as well.
      There are a few photos of the Unity from our trip to Kelowna to pick up our new motorhome.

    • Feb. 16 to March 8, 2018.
    • The maiden voyage of the Unity was a horrendous trip flying before a storm down the coast of Washington, Oregon and part of the California coast on the #101. We had the storms to contend with as well as learning about how to operate things Unity. We still have have much to learn. The photo album for this trip will eventually be seen HERE

    • May 29 - 30, 2018 Saltspring
      We went to the ferry terminal at about 12:00 to catch the 1:00 ferry to Saltspring Island. We packed a lunch and ate in the Mercedes Manor, at the ferry terminal. We arrived at the Cedar Beach Resort at about 2:30 and got set up. The washrooms are not inviting. We get levelled up and plugged in. The walk to St.Mary's lake is all downhill, with a climb to get back up to our campsite. We went to work on the wifi extender following Trevors instructions and eventually get on with good wifi. Pat couldn't get any TV. We had dinner of spam, beans, cole slaw and too much wine and cheese.. We had a bit of rain during the evening and the tall trees we were parked under were dripping. A leisurely start in the morning. Pat showered and I had a bird bath. Pat did his breakfast and I had the coffee set up at night ready to go in the morning. Pat did a masterful job of getting out of our parking spot through the big trees and we went on our way to Fraser Thimble Farm at the end of North Road at the tip of the island. We get lost at a fork in the road. The roads are narrow and winding. We had some trouble getting turned around, but with a little help from some locals, and the gps on my phone, we finally get there. We have another little bump on the Mercedes Manor, as a reminder of trying to turn around on narrow roads. We pass the gate to Fraser Thimble farms and Pat backs the Van up for about a block and we get in the gate with very minimal parking. Pat is getting really good at this by now and does a great job of parking. He waits in the van while I go to the nursery. I get 3 trilliums, an indigeneous lily (tall turks cap type) and a rhodohypoxis bauri Lily Jean (like an African violet). We get out of the cramped parking and on our way to Ganges without further troubles. We could not find suitable parking in Ganges to have lunch so we headed to the ferry at Fulford harbor where we had lunch while waiting for the ferry. A few photos on the 18 Saltspring album HERE

    • June 27 to July 24, 2018 Sask
      After a lunch stop at the Asian Pear we proceeded to Cindy and Larry's place where we were parked in their driveway over night. They had arranged for a celebration of John's 90th birthday in their garden. It was a fine party. Thereafter we travelled to Sask. for Fran's 98th birthday and visiting friends and relatives. Was hot and windy. Our air conditioning worked great. It works on 110 when we are plugged in, but would probably work on the Generator which runs on propane. The generator runs the microwave and the coffee pot. Three days short of arriving home the freezer door locked shut. As at July 30th we are waiting for the parts to replace the broken latch.
      On September 4th Pat took the Benz to Jay at Fennel's to have the freezer door fixed. Jay had finally got the parts in and did the job. Pat has emailed the work and parts costs to Dometica for re-imbursement under the warrantee.
      On Sept 18 Pat provided Dometica with: The coach number is: 2018 Unity U24TB, Serial#U242NJW027471. The Mercedes chassis VIN number is: WDABF4CC1H9715755. Upon receipt of this information Kristin from Dometica has replied that the reimbursement of $97.34 will be forthcoming.

    • Sept. 19 - 22, 2018 LTV rally, Osoyoos
      September 19 t0 22, 2018, Osoyoos LTV rally
      Pat catches the first ferry on Sept. 19 and got to Osoyoos about 3:30. Registered and took his smoked salmon to the Pot Luck dinner. It was enjoy by all and quickly disappeared. On Thursday, the 20th, he breakfasted in the Last Lodge. There were 4 wineries on the wine tour with a lunch at Tinhorn Creek for $58. Later Pat had dinner of beans, cole slaw and sausage, then visited at the community center over the evening. On Friday he had breakfast in the Last Lodge, then walked up hill all the way to the Nk'Mip desert culture center where they had a tour of the place. After this he had noodle cup lunch and went back to Question and Answer session in the afternoon. The wind up barbeque in the evening was very good. Pat had a good steak. Next morning breakfast, tanks maintenance and got away about 10:00 with a fuel stop in Osoyoos. Caught the 7:00 o'clock ferry after one ferry wait. Dinner on the ferry and home.

    • May 4 - 5, 2019, at Cowichan Lake
      We left home at about 11:00 and were at the York Street diner in Duncan for lunch. Fine lunch with the expected good food. On our way to the campground we stopped for eggs at the Country Grocer. Upon leaving the parking lot we hit a rock and put a serious scrape along the right side of the Benz. We continued to the Beaver Lake Resort. After crossing a very narrow bridge we got registered for $54.10, including a useless $5.00 each for the use of the wi-fi. We took a walk to the little Beaver Lake. Upon using the toilet we found there was a puddle of water on the floor, leaking from under the toilet. We had to turn the pump off after flushing to keep the water level to a minimum. We had supper of spam and beans, and after trying to get wi-fi, no tv because there is no cable hook up, we read and got to sleep. The next morning after breakfast Pat unplugged, drained and filled the tanks and we went for a drive to Honey Moon Bay to the the entry way to the Provincial Park at Gordon Bay. Thereafter we continued to Jake's Cafe at Cowichan Lake where we joined a good turnout of BMW riders for brunch. Good food and company, then off home. See above for the repairs and the album for a few pictures.

    • July 18 to August 8, 2019, to Sask and back.
      We had a fairly good trip to Sask and back in the LTV Unity Benz. We spent a week at the Wadena Campground while visiting Fran in Pleasant view. Visited friends and other relatives.

    • August 27 and 28, 2019.
      We have the Benz packed and leave for Port Renfrew to arrive in Sooke for lunch. The place is very busy. We see Glenda and catch up on the Whitehouses. Onward over the winding, narrow road to Port Renfrew. We get into the Pacheedaht Campround and a camping spot right on the beach. This place, too is quite full of campers. I do a beach walk and we have left over pizza for supper, after appies of smoked oysters. There is a campfire just up from us and the people stay up for what seems a long time to me. There was a bit of a sunset, lots of stars once the campfires were all out. The drawer that holds the wine bottles got crammed with some packing paper. I had finally got most of it out and slammed the drawer shut, never to be opened again. In the morning we showered, breakfast, took on water. We found our way to the road that leads to the Avatar. A nasty, pot-holed narrow road. We finallty get to the Avatar. Pat climbs up 80 meters over a distance of 500 meters and a perilous climb to get to see the gnarly tree. People who followed us out this road left Pat with a couple of photos, that will be included in the album photos. We head back to Port Renfrew and have lunch at the boat launch, and then home; stopping at the French Beach dumping station for $5.00.; and home at last, unpack and supper.

    • July 29 to August 18, 2020:
      Winkler, Manitoba with stops in Wadena, St. Gregor, and Quill Lake, Sask. Edmonton, Alta and Vancouver, B.C.

      We leave home in the loaded Benz at 7:30 on the 29th to make our 9:30 reservation on the ferry. We have had the freezer plugged in over night with all the stuff in the fridge keeping cool and frozen. We have a week to get to Winkler, Man. for our appointment with the EEE LTV factory. All goes well. Pat is operating, driving and navigating wonderfully well. The food is good, and we have a few stops for groceries and wine. Pat makes reservations for the campsites along the way. We have excellent wifi at a few places. Otherwise Pat uses his data on his phone to locate and reserve the campsites. We visit Sandy and Ralph in their backyard in Winnipeg for a couple of hours after having the work done at the Winkler. We get to Wadena and park in the driveway. Hazel Ann gives us her wifi. We get into the house and Pat packs the things for Bonnie and for Colleen. We visit his Mom outside at the home on a couple of days. She is looking very good and doing fine. The water is on a 'notice to boil the water' in Wadena, so we go to find water and finally found a place at Watson to poach some water at McNab's golf and RV campground. We have purchased some pepper jelly from Clossons at Quill Lake. After our stop at Wadena we carry on to our Battleford campsite with a stop at St. Gregor for sausages for Lloyd for his 80th birthday. And a lunch stop at Arby's in Saskatoon. Next we stop in John and Colleen's driveway for dinner at their home and an overnight. We deliver the picture and everyone is happy with how it looks hanging on the wall. Our next stop is at Irvin's at Valemont. Theee best campsite. We set up the instant pot again to do the smoked turkey drumstick. Takes more time than I figured so supper is late. We have an extra hour as we are on B.C. time now. Onward to Hope through some very hot weather. Pat fixed the stove cover where some screws came out of it and it was rattling. The new leveling jacks are working wonderfully well, except when we try to use them in a site with too much difference to level out. He needs to add three boards to one of the jacks to get level at the Wild Rose campsite at Hope. Also took a minute to look up how to run the microwave and made a bit of progress with using the power button before setting time. Much more to learn about it. Next day we get to Vancouver to Bonnie's place and deliver her stuff. She takes us to a yummy fish and chips place, (cockney kings) for lunch and to a Gelato place. The dishes survived! Thereafter we go to Lloyd's place. Dinner with Lloyd, Pam and Mike. Sausages are much appreciated. In the morning Lloyd makes us bacon and eggs. Then we pick up some sandwiches and meet Harvey and Valerie for a visit in Moscrop Park. We get home about 6:00 and unpack. See photo albums at 20 Winkler. More trip detail on the Pre 1989 Travel logue page, this page is private and password protected. Contact me for the password.

    • 22 Sask. - 2022 - June 22 to July 8. We travelled in the Last Lodge through good travelling weather, through rain, over roads with a lot of construction (the #1 just after Golden where they were widening the road and the bridge was being repaired after some damage last winter). And over some scenic highways, on the return trip. We went to see Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park, with some bad luck with rain the first day at Fort Walsh and the Elkwater part of the Park on the Alberta side was closed for the day. I have a good capture of a red-winged black bird on a cattletail rush, and a herd of mountain goats at the roadside, despite all the 'weather'. I was primarily shooting through the front window at road signs; and so this became the trip of the Highways and roads (new GPS roads and our great driver and navigator, Pat). We visited friends and relatives along the way. Fran is 102 this year and is doing very well. Thanks to Wally and Brenda for the skylink wifi at Wadena. Thanks for the hospitality: Rose and Harry at Chestermere, Paul at his home at the lake, Gerry and Bev in Saskatoon, Dan and Carol in Regina, and Isabelle, Randall and Ellen in Ardrie. Was so good to see everyone. See photo albums at 22 Sask. More trip detail on the Pre 1989 Travel logue page, this page is private and password protected. Contact me for the password.

    • ********************************************************************************************************

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