Gardening - Boulevard Garden
Sorry for the inconvenience. This album is under construction.
The boulevard garden is on the city property - about 30 feet by by 40 feet, bordering the street, of course, and goes back to the cedar hedge. It has the crocus field along the front 10 feet, then the next 6 - 8 foot strip has perennials, the plum tree and a spirea bush. Next 10 feet is made into three rectangle flower bed enclosed by the cedar hedge. Two of the beds are open to the street and the middle one is open to the inside front garden and has the bench in its pocket surrounded by hedging. The two outside facing rectangle flower beds have peonies and other perennials and are bordered by a small honeysuckle hedge that runs the length of the cedar hedge and up the side of my property the boxwood hedge that borders the grass path along the top of the front garden. Please see the "Progress Report" page for a list of completed albums by clicking on the photo.

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