A trip to Chatterbox Falls on the Malibu Princess in August 2001
Day 2, August 27, 2001. Maderia to Egmont, to Chatterbox Falls.
Leisurely breakfast and start drive. The 40 kms - approximately to Egmont and find our campspot. Its just a gravel parking lot. We register and leave the camper to walk through the trees to where we get on the Malibu Princess. There are quite a few of us by the time the boat leaves. 2 bus loads of people come. We cruise up the Jervis Inlet with a bit of commentary by the people on the boat. We meet people from Ohio and a couple who (she) taught at Wadena once upon a time. The Falls are quite spectactular. The cruise up the Inlet has been mostly sunny with only bits of rain. On the way back we have a salmon buffet and it fogs in and rains. We eat and visit some more and get back the dock and dash through the woods to our camper. Pat has to plug in the electricity in the rain. We get in and plug in the heater. Pat figures out our ferry connections for tomorrow; which are Earls Cove (50 minutes) on the 8:25 and thence on the 12:00 noon (this one takes an hour and 15 minutes) to Comox. So we should get to bed early tonight.

mistymountaintops_small.jpg someofthepopulationalongtheshoreline_small.jpg shorecliffs_small.jpg onewaterfall_small.jpg
threeofthewaterfalls_small.jpg ashorelinelandingrock_small.jpg totempoleandanodreflectioninthewater_small.jpg yacht_small.jpg
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