A trip to Chatterbox Falls on the Malibu Princess in August 2001
Day 3, August 28, 2001. Egmont to Victoria.
Up at 6:30, showered and on the road to the ferry at Earl's Cove. Breakfast while we wait for the ferry. 50 minutes to Saltery Bay at Powell River, then a 2 hour wait so we shop in a Mall. Back to the ferry slip and catch the ferry. 1 hour and 15 minutes to Little River ferry slip at Comox. Cold chicken while we waited for the ferry. Home from Comox via the old highway to the by-pass around Nanaimo, then home on the new highway. Back and unpacked at 5:30. Billy Kendall's service was yesterday.

lookslikeawhaleintheclouds_small.jpg amorecontrastedandcloserviewofthewhaleintheclouds_small.jpg moremountainlayers_small.jpg morewaterfallsandyachts_small.jpg
closertothechatterboxfalls_small.jpg chatterboxfallsandtheobserves_small.jpg anartsyshotofthefalls_small.jpg ablackandwhitetreatmentofthephoto_small.jpg
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