Great Bear Rainforest on Haida Gwaii
and Great Bear Rainforest now protected
We leave home by taxi to Romeo's, Broadmead mall where we catch our bus to the airport. A flight to Vancouver where we make our connection to the 1.5 hour flight to Sandspit on Moresby Island, Haida Gwaii. Onto our bus, an old school bus, across to Graham Island on a 15 minute ferry. Scenery lovely. Bus lunch stop at the Humming Bird cafe - excellent shrimp and smoked salmon ceasar. Have a look about the Rainbow Gallery and the information center/museum place. On to Massett, to our hotel by 3:30 - Singing Surf Inn. Very good halibut supper at 6:30. There are 24 or 26 pretty old people and 1 young guy with his Gramma, both from England in our group.(Note: As I type this on March 1, 2021; I don't recall anyone gimping along as I was with my knee surgery). Seeing a lot of wildlife - deer, bear.
July 18th - 8:00 a.m. breakfast. Our room has no cold water. Then on the bus at 9:00 for Naikoon Park and walking in the rain forest to the beach. Wonderful! Much moss and pictures. (this is before I had my first digital camera) Then up the other side of the river, stop to see a blow hole and Pat walked nearly to the top of Tow Hill. Back to the bus for box lunches. Back to hotel for a few hours before dinner. Drove about Old Massett - cemetary, longhouse, etc. Dinner was fresh salmon grilled and excellent. House wine, scotch in pub before hand. Shop stop at Old Masset. Pat bought me a vest at "Haida Arts and Jewellery"($140.00) and two Bill Reid prints (copper coloured raven and frog). Changed rooms with the tour guide (Les Ward). We now have chairs, no fridge, but do have cold water. Can shower tomorrow. Presented with fishing float by manager for our inconvenience. Pat and Les seemed to take every opportunity to entertain each other during the trip.

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