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In My Garden

Willows sway lazily in the breeze
butterflies waft by with ease
fragrance and colors to please
in the tranquil garden of Maggie's.

Friends from near and far
pop in to see how you are
and enjoy a drink from the bar
spiced with gossip and a hardy har har.

To exchange a picture and a song
to make you welcome and feel you belong
as friends laugh and get along
under the canopy of the tree fern frond.

There are good jokes to share
things to try on a dare
as we drop all woes and care
within a quiet cocoon of gossamer.

Fairies frolic in friendly fantasies
in adamant, abundant amnesty
from all boring, bothersome bombastities
going gracefully, gleefully, aghasterly
in the magical, mystical moods of my garden
where all fears and frights are forgotten with pardon.

---- mmmee 2000 ----

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