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Today I saw You Yesterday

This poem was penned by Joshua © circa 1980

I cannot seem to get Joshua's you tube video load to my page. Try this link: Joshua's you tube poetry

The Lyrics

Down by the Water

Down by the water beneath the waves
You disappeared among the caves
Up in the sky wanting to fly
I came up behind you and stated to cry

Lying in bed you screamed in your sleep
It was cold, it was hot, it was oh so deep
The night turns to day and the night stays on
Pay the man hon Iím through having fun

Theyíre tired now I can see them all
Just one more step and I bet theyíll fall
Down below heaven and up past hell
Through the back door of time they fell

Black diamond brilliance, the lights in the eyes
Raging inferno in the frigid skies
The soul is withdrawn leaving a void
A tired entity on some asteroid

You must come back I know you will
Iím running like hell though Iím standing still
The fire on high meets the water below
At the speed of light it goes so slow

Down by the water beneath the waves
You disappeared among the caves
Up in the sky not able to fly
I entered the water and started to die

© Joshua Holder penned sometime in 1978

I found Joshua when he joined Megashot in 2013.

Today I Saw You Yesterday

Today I saw you yesterday
You were very different then
So young and alive with spirit indomitable
You passed me by but didnít see
I called to you, you didnít answer me
Even though I knew you when

When your legs were strong and your hopes were high
When infinity was your limit and you touched the sky
When your eyes were bright and full of laughter

I loved you then
But I love you now even more
For the things Iím not, you were
And I need you now more than ever

Oh foolish, foolish me
Living a dream that is no longer there
Going back to I donít know where
I know you canít see me but I sometimes wonder
If you could see me what would you say
Would you approve Ö of course you wouldnít
Would you be hurt and just turn away
Would you be sad and pity the poor one
Or might you even say, ďThy will be done.Ē

I saw you again today
You hadnít changed, you were still the same
But I had
And I knew that I wanted to be you
But not any more

And I felt sad
For you had come to an end
Your time had run out
You would be what you always were
But I was now and I will be
And even though you cannot see me
I can be as you were
And so much more

© Joshua Holder penned sometime in 1980

I found Joshua when he joined Megashot in 2013.

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