Lady Rose and Sproat Lake
On August 21 to 23 of 2000 we travelled to Port Alberni, camped over night at Port Alberni and then sailed to Bamfield on the working boat, Lady Rose. The Lady Rose is a working boat on the Alberni Inlet and Barkley Sound. We disembarked at Bamfield and walked the boardwalk. I am inncluding a few shots of Sproat Lake. The Mars Water Bombers that were used to fight forest fires (more recently) were kept at Sproat Lake. They are no longer in service now as I type this in February of 2021.
The Lady Rose web page.
It seems the MV Lady Rose was sold and awaiting restoration. Quote: Lady Rose was acquired by the Clayton family of Sechelt in September 2019 and she was relocated to the MacKenzie Marina in Sechelt soon thereafter. Restoration plans are still being formulated. UnQuote.
Some very good information on the Frances Barkley of the Lady Rose Marine Services company that provides some ferry services, and much more.

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