To see a list of the Garden Rooms click here. To see the PLANTS in the garden rooms.
I hope to be finished these plant lists sometime in 2024.
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In May most of the tulips and other bulbs, and alpine plants have finished blooming. The Entry garden room with the Iceberg and Simplicity roses, the wall flower, the pink peony tree, the boxwood hedges, and the stone paths, are featured. Some of the Magnolia tree garden room paths and plants are next in the descriptions. The Irises, Columbines, Rhododendrons and roses have taken over the show time.

ma11_small.jpg ma12_small.jpg ma13_small.jpg ma14_small.jpg ma15_small.jpg
ma16_small.jpg ma17_small.jpg ma18_small.jpg ma19_small.jpg ma20_small.jpg
ma21_small.jpg ma22_small.jpg ma23_small.jpg ma24_small.jpg ma25_small.jpg

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uploaded August 30, 2023

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