To see a list of the Garden Rooms click here. And here to see the PLANTS LIST in the garden rooms. I hope to be finished these plant lists sometime in 2024. But, of course, there will constantly be changes to the plants.
Page 11: I removed the Virginia Creeper and ivy from the telephone pole in 2022. I am currently (May 2023) letting it revive from shoots out of the stump. It contained squirrel nests and was getting totally out of hand. I will be attempting to plant more native plants where the St. John's worte grows and is taking over the Driveway Strip garden room. The bind weed is constantly growing in the hedge. The perennial geraniums are growing in front of the hedge in about the 15 feet from the patio area. They are very tough, trouble free plants. The woodland garden room is beside the old garage on this side of our property.

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uploaded August 30, 2023

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