To see a list of the Garden Rooms click here. And here to see the PLANTS LIST in the garden rooms. I hope to be finished these plant lists sometime in 2024. But, of course, there will constantly be changes to the plants.
Page 12: Woodland garden room: continuing from the driveway strip garden room we go down the side of the old garage on a chip trail with the cedar hedge on one side and the brunera, bleeding heart, forgetmenot, cyclamens and volunteer dames rocket and honesty plants. The chip trail takes a curve along behind the old garage with the douglas fir tree, sweet cicely, daffodils, fawn lilies, the Japanese cedar, and the mock orange on one side, and a rhododendron, and the old compost bin on the otherside. The chip trail becomes the old sidewalk about halfway past the back of the old garage. Next to the old compost bin there is a big sword fern, some daylillies, and the newly planted rhubarb at the corner of the old garage where it meets the area I call the Fig Tree Garden room. On the other side of this old sidewalk there is a butterfly bush, saskatoons, a wild tree, a cedar or two, a yew tree, tall bearded Irises, germander, the western red cedars, and hedging cedars on over to the corner of my propery with the cedars backing the cutting garden room and the strawberry patch. In 2022 I had Davey Tree take down the firethorn as it was getting too big for me to manage. It has now (May 2023) started some new growth from the stump. I will let this grow back to a manageable height. The robins liked to feast on the berries at about Christmas day. This area of the woodland will have further renovations in 2023.

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uploaded August 30, 2023

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