To see a list of the Garden Rooms click here. And here to see the PLANTS LIST in the garden rooms. I hope to be finished these plant lists sometime in 2024. But, of course, there will constantly be changes to the plants.
Page 19: An overview of the back little rockery garden room and path to the strawberry patch and the cutting garden room. It is about 14 feet by 4 feet. Another view of the length of the rockery showing the brickyard that has 10 red bricks with holes in them and a few saxifrages. A view of the strawberry patch and cement paver pathes, strawberries, renovation of a path in the cutting garden in 2021. The old rhubarb has been replaced with a new one that grows behind the old garage. There is a cement pavers path between the strawberry patch and the cutting garden and a cement pavers path joining the path from the entry and running past the cedar hedges to the cement pavers path that runs from the rosemary and irises at the top, to the secret entry to the pond area at the bottom. It is 5 feet from the property line between my garden and the nefarious neighbours (who have been pushing the railroad ties border line over, reducing this part of the cutting garden to 4 feet, not to mention stealing any garden tools I leave stored unlocked, and throwing things into the pond, etc.). Some of the plants in the cutting garden are valerine, anemones, lupines, veronicas, omphalodes linfolia, verbascum.

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uploaded August 30, 2023

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