The Miscelleanous Gardening albums are all under construction. Painted Vases is finished.

Animals in the garden

Including fish, frogs and lizards, rabbits
These and other animals not seen in my garden are listed under photography.

Birds in the garden

The robins flock to the firethorn berries, Flickers love the apples, many others enjoy the bugs and berries.
These birds as well as others not seen in the garden are listed under photography.


Boquets add another dimension to the creativity and enjoyment of a garden.

Bugs, Butterflies, Bees

The insects are the unsung workers of the garden. Pollinating plants, aerating soil, patrolling for aphids and other nuisance bugs, as well as the beauty of the flying flowers.

Mushrooms, lichens

Mushrooms, Fungi, Lichens and Moss

a wide variety of little known plants. Some mushrooms used for food, fungi for dyes. My moss garden is slowly growing. It looks especially lucious in the winter.

Indoor Gardening

I have a small collection of African Violets, Orchids and Cacti that I grow on 3 shelves that are 4 feet long, under florescent lighting (grow light tubes)

Fruit and Vegetables

I have a grape vine, a fig tree, an apple tree and plum trees, that have produced an abundance of fruit over the years.

at the Market

Some of the produce from the Market.

Survivors & other wild flowers

I have printed a series of the Survivors; that is wild flowers that grow in difficult spots. This album will also include wildflowers found growing naturally in parks, along roadsides, etc.

at the Show

Several of the local gardening clubs hold annual shows. I have attempted to get some photos of these shows. This is definitely not my best kind of photography

Front Boulevard Garden

The front boulevard garden is planted on the City property of about 30 feet deep, in the front garden. The 10 feet next to the street is a 5 foot strip of grass and 5 feet of grass with the crocus field in the Spring and mowed down to grass in the summer. Next to this crocus field there is a 6 - 8 foot strip across the approximately 30 foot area that contains under planting of thyme, perennials, a spirea bush, and the plum tree. Next to this strip there is a small honeysuckle hedge that details the three rectangle beds above it. These rectangles are each about 6 feet deep and 8 feet wide, and bordered by the cedar hedge. The first bed faces out to the street and contains peonies and other perennials. The second bed faces to the inside of the front garden and contains the bench in its pocket of the hedge. The third bed contains more perennials.

Rock Gardeing with Alpines

I have a number of little rock garden areas around my garden. There is a small area in the front garden that has a few choice plants with stepping stones and a small rock wall. This area wraps around the stone path and the under planting of sedum on the other side of the path. The stone path continues around the sedum to the Sun Dial circle with more alpine plants. The Sun Dial circle borders the thyme circle with a diameter of 7 feet. Stepping stones lead back up to the stone path in the inner front garden. In the back garden there is a small rockery between the grass under the apple tree, and the strawberry patch. This little rockery is about 5 feet wide and 10 feet long with lewisias and other choice alpines. There are stepping stone paths in the front and back gardens with thyme, and small mint growing between the stones. The area around the water meter and under the magnolia tree, is being renovated to contain more alpines and ground covering easy care plants.

Painted Vases

The painted vases are created by taking a photo of a vase with a suitable flower blossom set in front of the vase. Then the photo is processed in Photoshop to remove any parts of the flowering plant that detract from the 'painting' on the vase.
This photo album may be accessed from the "series" page under photography, also

Woodland Garden

The woodland area of my garden is in the back garden. It wraps around the old garage, including the five foot strip between our driveway and the neighbor's. This strip continues along the property line on the west side of the old garage, goes around the back of the garage and then along the property line along the back of our property with a depth that varies from 15 feet to 7 feet where it meets the east side of our property. The woodland contains cedar hedges, a Japanese cedar, a yew, and other trees, shrubs, perennials, ground covers, bulbs, irises, fawn lilies, compost bin and a tub water feature.

Wish List

Someday, there may be fences, walls, gates, or special plants added to my garden.


What’s the difference between a vista and a view? A view is what you see of the broader landscape or garden from a vantage point. A vista is a ‘framed view’ that accentuates its best qualities. By using plants and built structures to manage what you can see of the full view, you can make it appear much more appealing, hide any detracting bits, or make it seem further away. Even a very ordinary district outlook can look spectacular when you control how much of it is viewed from any angle. This is a quote from an international gardening magazine

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