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Travel - with the Model T car club
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The car featured in the photo below is Pat's 1915 Model T Ford Speedster.

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Model T Ford Events

The Model T Ford club is a loosely organized group. We attend two main events annually with our Model T. The CanAm is a meet that people from B.C.,Can., and from Wa, Ore, USA, hold annually in Sept. The meet alternates between a Can. or US venue. On Father's Day the cars from Vancouver Island, B.C. hold the Barney Oldfield Memorial Model T Ford meet sponsored by Rob Oldfield. This commerates the run for parts with Model Ts from Oldfield's service station in Saanich to a downtown Victoria parts supplier. Over the years this became a race against the clock.

Pat has had the Speedster for 17 years as of 2009 (Since 1992) and is now in the process of having his new old 1912 Torpedo Roadster Model T Ford rebuilt.
In Dec. 14 to 22, 1990, we take the BMW to get the Hayes wire wheels for the Speedster from John Pinney in Salome, Arizona. There is no photo album of this trip, but the travel logue page will eventually have the trip recorded. The travel logue page is private and password protected. Please contact me for this password.
Pat sold the Speedster in September, 2010, and we will now be using the Torpedo Roadster.


  • Scene While Riding in the Model T This will be an album for photos taken while riding in the Model T, over the years. Each photo must have a part of the Model T in it to indicated that it was, indeed, SEEN while in the Model T.
  • 2022 Model T Days or the Barney Oldfield Memorial run on Father's Day: Due to the Covid pandemic we were unable to hold this event for 2 years. - June 19, 2022 was a bright and warm morning. Five cars arrived to take part in the run. We had ham and eggers, coffee, donuts, fruit for breakfast by Paul, Liz and helpers from the VCCC club. Thanks to them all for helping Pat organize and run the event. It was held at Centennial Park, Central Saanich. Alex Bonaire, his daughter and friend took home the great big trophy and will carry on the tradition for next year.
  • The 41st Can-Am Model T Tour - Chilliwack - Sept. 12 - 15, 2019.
    Can Am 2019 Facebook: Facebook 2019 Can-Am Tour - Chilliwack There are about 30 cars registered.
    We catch the 11:00 ferry, towing the T trailer with the Highlander. Pat has the car polished and prepped for the tour. Lunch on the ferry. Delicious Asian salmon salad for me. Special burger for Pat. The meet hotel is at the best western. We are across the road and around the round-about and to the Hampton Inn. Very nice and clean and new. We leave our Model T in its trailer at the "ATA" (Atchelitz Thresherman's Association). Thursday registration: 3 - 8 p.m. at the ATA. They have a few muchies put out. Its pouring rain.
    Friday the 13th :)
    130 mile day. Heading south to the Canada/USA Border at Columbia Valley via Cultus Lake. Returning to the Chilliwack River Valley and stopping for lunch at the Chilliwack Ford Dealership. After lunch the tour heads West through Greendale and Sumas Lake areas. We will make an Ice Cream stop at Birchwood Dairies in Abbotsford. Up at 6:00 to get to the meet hotel where the tour starts at 8:30. We decide to leave the T in the trailer and take our modern car. A few of us do this, and the remainder soldier on in the rain. Breakfast with Blaze and Monica at our hotel, and then over to the meet hotel where we find they have a big breakfast laid on at their hotel. Tour starts in cooler weather and light rain. Greg Lillico has told Pat that his friend who is with him on the tour has bought our old Speedster, name: Jack Baryluk. We toured around Cultus Lake to Thompson Park for coffee break. Everyone else goes around some park again and returns past the park, where we wait while Proctors fix the tire that blew out and flew off their car. Lunch at Chilliwack Ford and after an hour or so we are on our way. It is taking forever to get through the lights, etc. (This is where my journal ends) We take a wrong turn up a dead end dirt road and return to the hotel with the GPS. Sure am glad we were not in the Model T at this point. Stop for iced capaccino at Tim's as we missed the ice cream stop. We finally find a restaurant that is not lined up; the Swiss Chalet. The food is better at our Victoria Swiss Chalet.
    Drivers' meeting 8:30, 9:00 start. 50+ mile tour. First stop for coffee and Equestrain Demonstrations at Cristyhill Farms. Second stop was the Agassiz Legion for lunch. Third stop a short break at Green Point Park. The Proctors ride with us as they and their car are suffering from the rainy weather. We enjoyed the horse reining demonstration; on to lunch through the back country of Agassiz and Chilliwack. Back to our hotels. And we rest and back to the Surestay Best Western, enjoyed by a full house.
    Thanks for a fine tour by our hosts: Greg Pernitsky, Fred Snooks, Bruce and Joan Dunmall, Steve Eremenko and Teri Hill. Too bad about the rain.
  • 2019 Model T Days or the Barney Oldfield Memorial run on Father's Day: - June 16, was a bright and warm morning. They had ham and eggers, coffee, donuts, fruit for breakfast by Paul, Liz and helpers from the VCCC club. Also had members of that club in attendance in support of the Model T run. Pat and Murray won the trophy with an exact time of 52 minutes for the run. Thank you James and Barbara for an enjoyable, well run event and thanks to Rob Oldfield, our annual sponsor.
  • 2018 Model T Days or the Barney Oldfield Memorial run on Father's Day: - June 17, was a bright and warm morning. We had 5 cars arrived to take part in the run. We had ham and eggers, coffee, donuts, fruit for breakfast by Paul, Liz and helpers from the VCCC club. Also had members of that club in attendance in support of the Model T run. We had a 12 - 13 mile country ride with questions, around the Saanich peninsula. The winners for next year's run organization are James and Barbara Thank you Bruce Esplin for an enjoyable, well run event and Rob Oldfield our annual sponsor.
  • 2017 - Sept. 21 - 24, 2017. The 39th Can-Am Model T Tour "West Coast Cruising - Circle Tour" was headquartered in Duncan. On Friday we travelled through the countryside to the east side of the island at Cowichan Bay, then back over to the west at Shawnigan Lake before heading south to Langford for our Lunch stop at Ma Miller's Pub. After the lunch stop we headed down Humpback road which is a narrow road through the Greater Victoria Water reserve. Beautiful mossy trees, but a narrow winding road and a real challenge for Pat to drive. Then west again to Sooke where we spent the night and dined at the hotel. We stopped earlier at the Sooke Regional Museum, where Liz Taylor just happened to be picking up a friend and she got to see the cars. On Saturday, with a full tank of gas, we leave the hotel and head over to Jordan River and Port Renfrew. A long and winding road, with some one way bridges. Very scenic drive. We stop for lunch at the Port Renfrew Pub. All cars accounted for and no one is up on the trailer of the trouble truck. After lunch, those who needed more gas were advised to fill up at the campsite gas station, just across the San Juan River. We travel north on a paved logging road to Lake Cowichan. this road is approximately 60 miles long. From Lake Cowichan we travelled a back road to Duncan and our hotel. Due to a detour on the roads some of us had a few extra kilometers to travel before we found the hotel. This was another challenging but fantastic drive. Beautiful weather. Only one car was on the trouble truck deck, with several others repaired on the road. Our banquet on Saturday night was at the Best Western. Good food, good friends and a good time. Thanks so much to our hard working Tour Committee Kevin and Laura, Blaze and Monica.
  • 2017 Model T Days or the Barney Oldfield Memorial run on Father's Day: - June 18, was a light rainy, coolish day. Despite the weather eleven cars arrived to take part in the run. We had ham and eggers, coffee, donuts, fruit for breakfast by Paul, Liz and helpers from the VCCC club. Also had members of that club in attendance in support of the Model T run. We drove down town and back out to the Prospect Lake Community Hall for a distance of about 18 miles, although our mileage meter showed 11 miles. This run was a reinactment of the original Barney Oldfield runs from the same location of the Oldfield garage to downtown for parts from National Motors on Yates Street. Rob Oldfield awarded the prizes. Bruce Esplen and friends took the first place and so took the trophy home. There were 2nd, third and fourth place prizes won by Rocky, Dan and Louise. Thank you Marc for an enjoyable, well run event.
  • 2016 - - Sept. 15, 16, 17, 2016. The 38th annual Can-Am tour was organized by Mike Stormo, Mark Hutchinson, Janice Hutchinson, Tom Carnegie, and all the helpers from the Inland Empire Model T club. We took the ferry to Vancouver, drove tthrough the border at the Peace Arch, down I-5 to Everrett, with a stop at McDonald's for lunch (awful food), and a bit of grocery shopping. Then we went over Steven's Pass on the #20 road; remembering with amazement how we had done that in the Speedster to the Leavenworth Model T Ford Club of America tour in 1993. Very nice scenic drive. We over nighted at the KOA in Leavenworth. Very nice campsite but spendy. In the morning we take the #20 road to Wenatchee, travelling beside the Wenatchee River. The whole area is hot and dry. Very nice scenery on the way to Quincy where we turn onto the #285 road, getting gas just before the turnoff to George, with 10 miles to the I-90. Arrive in Spokane and find the Ramada Inn, check in and get our registration package. Pat goes to get gas while I unpack. All breakfasts and dinners at the Ramada Inn. At dinner we play the puzzle piece game and Pat finds that Delbert is his partner for the puzzle piece. On the 16th, after breakfast, and driver's meeting we leave on the tour. They have arranged to have drop off guides at each turn, so this becomes less a worry of getting lost. Its a very hot and windy day, the car runs very well. Lunch stop in the old Ford garage at Harrington. Pictures of the murial of the old Harrington Harvester. There are 58 cars on the tour, and we bunch up pretty well, so its an easier tour, with long hills, up and down. We get back about 4:00 and gas up for tomorrow. After supper with Delbert and MaryAnne, we go on the bus to the Dry Fly distillery for an interesting tour and talk of how they distill whiskey. Up at 6:00 on the next day, breakfast and driver's meeting in the rain and much cooler day. Be careful what you wish for. Pat puts the top up and we set off in the usual drop offs, close formation to tour the Palouse country. The grain is being harvested and the rolling hills are golden with low mountains in the background. Very scenic, and desert like where there is no irrigation. Columnar basalt rock and what appeared to be lava rock in the hills and roadside rock formations. Morning break at Sutton Park, in Cheney. Onward to Fairfield for Museum visits and box lunch at a park by the railrod tracks in the rain. Its very windy and rainy driving. Pat got a bit wet but I was in my camouflage rain gear,and protecting my face. We bought gas at the primitive pay at the pump place. The rain let up a bit in the afternoon but it was still very windy on some long hills. Left Fairfield touring the north Palouse country and burnt out forest area with half mile of gravel on the alternate route, which Pat elected to drive. It has hairpin turns on downhills and is muddy; but was shorter by several miles. I must say that was exciting and scarey for me. More lovely golden rolling hills and farms. I did not take my camera as it was too wet out. We arrive at Comstock Park for a special ice cream treat made on the spot with liquid nitrogen and fresh ingredients. It was a relatively short dash back into Spokane where we found a liquor store on route to our hotel. Pat put the car in the trailer. Delbert and MaryAnne and Charlie and Gloria joined us for dinner. Was a challenging, interesting tour. The car ran wonderfully well. The next day we pack the van and head home via the I-5, with a stop at the Wild Horses view point over the Columbia River, where I pick up a few small, red, lava like rocks. Lunch stop 10 miles onward with pictures of some of the plants at the rest stop. Heavy traffic and road construction between Cle Elm and Easton slow us down to near stops, with 6 miles of one lane driving that is difficult driving while hauling the trailer. We get to the KOA from the Burlington exit #232 for the night. Next day we get to the ferry just in time to drive right on at 11:00 o'clock and so home.
  • 2016 Model T Days or the Barney Oldfield Memorial run on Father's Day: - June 19, was a fine day for model t-ing. Rocky and Anne arranged a pancake breakfast, hosted by Pam and Rob at their motor home parked on the lot of the Prospect Lake Hall. The Vintage Car Club made a generous offer of $100.00 and $10.00 per entry helped defray the expenses of food and hall rental. Pancakes, sauages, juice,fruit, coffee for breakfast and hotdogs and potatoe chips for lunch after the run finished. The run went out around Prospect Lake with questions, but not a time race, included a poker run. It was good fun. Marc Brown volunteered to do next year's run. Rob Oldfield presented the trophy to the winners. Anne won the half and half and donated half of the winnings back to next year's run. The Torpedo ran nicely on this beautiful top down day.
  • 2015 - Sept. 17, 18, 19, 2015. The "Langley's Wine & T's Tour", the 37th Can Am was in the Langley, B.C. area, organized by Mark and Suzanne. We took the Ferry (a new German one) and drove to the Best Western Plus hotel. James and Barbara were on the same boat and took a different route to the hotel, riding in their 1914 Model T. They arrived at the hotel just before we got there. There is good parking for the trailers and the cars. We have an evening barbeque in the tents set up just next to the parking lot. We have an early start on the 18th. We travel to the Chilliwack Heritage Museum. I get photos of all the cars and many other things. We have a long coffee and donuts break and then head to the Berry Farm for a nice lunch. The Vintage Truck Museum is the last stop of the day. More coffee and doughnuts. The car ran beautifully. We did about 100 - 120 miles this day. We have dinner in the hotel with Charlie and Gloria. On the 19th we tour to Suderman's Shady Grove. It is an outstanding collection of heritage cars, gas pumps, posters and much much more. Coffee and doughnuts and many photos. We have had a bit of rain, but are not wet. After a lovely drive that would be spectacular in sunshine we arrive at our lunch destination - another winery, Backyard Vineyards. More good touring after lunch to arrive at Fort Langley. We have a quick tour through the museum and head back to the Hotel. The final banquet is a good buffet in the tents. Thirty-one registered, but two or three did not make it. We missed seeing MaryAnn and Delbert.
  • MTFCA 50th anniversary The Model T Ford Club of America's 50th Anniversary was organized by the Foothills chapter in the Cochrane, Alberta area, from July 12th finishing with a wonderful wrap up banquet at the Golf Club with Harry as MC. The event was a wonderfully organized tour enjoyed by all, despite the weather that was not co-operating. There was a thunder and lightning storm at Chestermere on the night before we left from Harry and Rose's place to go to the Ramada Inn at Cochrane, causing flooding. The car ran fine on the first day to the barbeque. We got gas and put the car in the trailer for the night. Next day the car quit several times. Pat seems to think it is a gasoline problem. General consenses is that the filter may be plugged up. Onward to the Banff Springs Hotel for pictures and another lovely lunch. A surprise meeting with an old Wadena acquaintance. More stops and starts with Pat under the car trying to get this gas problem fixed. On down the 1A road and just east of the rodeo facility there was a big report like a gun shot and trouble steering. The front right tire went flying into the ditch. Needless to say we were up onto the Rigby's trouble truck and returned to the trailer where they put the spare on to the car. On the next day we were to Airdrie, Irricana, and Pioneer Acres for lunch, etc. Pat finds Paul Greening there, helping out with the parking. There are 4 Torpedos in the line up. There are storm clouds. We stop in Airdrie for gas and oil for the car. It is running ok but hard to start. Then on our way to Cam Clark's barbeque hosted at The Ranch. We make it back to the hotel with no more rain and no more car trouble. The next day we had a nice run out to the Museum of Making. A most interesting private museum Museum of Making link . Car trouble on the way back and we are up on the trouble truck again and put the car into its trailer for the rest of the meet. The next day is the run to the Kananaski country. It is cold and raining. We had decided before hand not to do this day's run as we were there last year. Dinner at Boston Pizza for very good ribs with Bev and Dick Barton. We do not take the short run to the show the next day, and catch a ride out to the Golf Club for the banquet in the evening. Excellent dinner and I was lucky enough to be born on the 12th of December; which was the founding day of the MTFCA 50 years ago, and take home the center piece on the table.
  • 2015 Model T Days or the Barney Oldfield Memorial run on Father's Day: - June 21, was an ok day, there were no bicycles to contend with this year. Alex Bonaire and his grand-daughter organized a run around the pennisula. The Torpedeo ran nicely. Attendance was down a bit due to other events. We finished about mid range in the competition. Rocky and his crew took the winning spot. Only we stayed for lunch at the same old restaurant that is under new management. We came home and packed for our road trip that began on the next day.
  • 2014 - Sept. 18, 19, 20, 2014. The Can Am was in the McMinnville, Oregon, area, organized by the Rankins and the McLaughlins. We took the Coho Ferry on the 17 and drove down the 101 along the long and winding road to camp at Hoquaim River RV resort. On the 18 we continue on across the Astoria - Melger Bridge then follow the #26 road across the mountains. We turn south again on road #47, arriving at our meet hotel in good time to register and go for the chilli and potatoe dinner. On Friday we tour through the countryside to the Evergreen Aviation and Space museum, with a box lunch in the Oak Grove. Very hot day. Go to dinner just up the block at a Chinese place, with Lou and Char. Order far too much food and put the left overs into our freezer in the van. On Saturday we tour to Aurora and visit a hazelnut factory. Our car is giving a bit of trouble so we go directly to the Grange lunch stop instead of the antique shops. After lunch we go to Champoeg park. The car is not starting and running hot and badly. With a little help from Blaze and Monica and Tom we finally get back to the hotel, put the car in its trailer. The banquet is at Jake's. We take a cab with Blaze and Monica. Good food, lots of the ladies are in vintage costume. No one was on the trouble truck, but there were a few cars with troubles other than ours. Thirty five cars at the meet. Some pictures on the Model T forum On Sunday we head home on the I-5 and the 101 and get to Port Angeles. The ferry is full. We park on the Walmart parking lot overnite, and are in the ferry lineup at 7:00 a.m. next morning. Too tired and there are forest fires in the area, so we did not see Crater Lake as planned, but went straight home.
  • Art and Music in the Garden The Glendale Gardens have invited people to display their cars on the lower field of the gardens on the day of their promotional event. They have music and artists displaying and selling their garden related work. Was a hot, hot day. Lunch at the cafe was not great. There was quite a good turn out of cars. We took our Model T, although it was the only Model T there. This car was the poster car for the event last year.
  • 2014 Model T Days or the Barney Oldfield Memorial run on Father's Day: June 15... cooler, cloudy day with bits of rain. A very nice run arranged by Chris, Louise, Andy and Heidi. The winning time was 81 minutes, by Alex and grand daughter. Eleven cars attended and all finished.
  • 2013 - Sept. 19, 20, 21, 22, 2013. The Can Am was in the Duncan area. We were here 2 weeks ago with the Island Challenge, but fortunately there were mostly different roads. We had coolish weather with the top up, and rain on the last part of the Friday run at the Ford dealership barbeque. The Friday run took us over some very hilly roads to Genoa Bay for coffee, then on to Merrridale for a find lunch, with cider tasting. An early start on Saturday, with a run through old Duncan, to Cowichan Lake and a coffee stop at Tim Hortons in Cowichan Bay. Then to Chemainus for chilli and desserts lunch at the Legion. After a visit to the Blackstaff's we get back to the hotel and the banquet. Was a good meet, organized by Fiddlers, Hopkins, and their helpers. We had about 20 cars this year.
  • 2013 - June 16 2013. The annual Father's Day or Model T day of the Barny Oldfield Memorial run. This is the fourth year that we take the 1912 Torpedo Roadster. Car ran very good. Good run in the sunshine. Lunch at the diner up from the Hall, again. Andy Jones took the trophy this year. There were a lot of bicycles out on their run, again. They seem to go much the same roads that we take the last few years.
  • 2012 - Sept. 13, 14, 15, 16, 2012. The Can Am was in Bremerton, Wa. We had beautiful weather, a record number of people -- about 50 cars. The hotel was far short of what it could have been. The touring was challenging, with interesting stops, including a garage tour of Bruce and Betty Harlow's collection. The T ran very well, but was just a bit sticky about starting at times.
  • 2012 - June 17 2012. The annual Father's Day or Model T day of the Barny Oldfield Memorial run. This is the third year that we take the 1912 Torpedo Roadster. Car is running ok. We have the top up. We have a good turnout of about 15 cars. The run is the kind with a million questions of things to watch for and write answers while driving over bumpy roads. Lunch at the diner up from the Hall, again. Slow service. Overcast, cool day. I do up photos to send to Warren to put into some Ford forum.
  • 2011 - Sept. 15, 16, 17, 18, 2011. The CanAm is arranged by Ken and Chris Findlay, in the Abbotsford, White Rock Chilliwack area. We trailer the 1912 Torpedo Roadster in the T Cart (new closed trailer), on Thursday. Tour on Friday has some hills. We see the Johnson Group Collection and Henderson's pedal car collection with a scrumptious lunch in a cafe in White Rock. The dinner is back in the Best Western motel and its pizza. On Saturday we have another good tour that takes us to the Military Museum for the coffee stop and lunch at Bridal Veil Falls. Pat has his wedding ring cut off because he got a bee sting when leaving the Military Museum, and his finger was swelling up. Nice flat roads, but a bit of rain. We stop at a bee farm and then an icecream stop. The banquet is at The Old Spaghetti Factory with the awards back at the motel room. Back home on Sunday. It was a good tour. Mark and Sandra Fetback had our old Speedster out. After changing the oil it ran superbly. Our Torpedo needed an adjustment to its coil box and then ran superbly, also.
  • 2011 - June 26 to July 1, 2011. We have the new closed trailer to take the 1912 Torpedo Roadster to Pincher Creek National Tour hosted by the Foothills Model T Ford Club. The Cowboys and Coal Mines tour takes us to Wateron, Fort McLeod, Lundbreck and other interesting places. Very windy and car not running the very best, just yet.
  • 2011 - June 19 2011. The annual Father's Day or Model T day of the Barny Oldfield Memorial run. This is the second year that we take the 1912 Torpedo Roadster. Car is running great. We have a good turnout of about 15 cars. Very good run organized by Warren and Bruce E. We have 4 checkpoints to see that take us down town. Lunch at Tia's cafe after. Andy Jones wins the trophy this year.
  • 2010 - June 20 2010. The annual Father's Day or Model T day of the Barny Oldfield Memorial run. This is the first year that we take the 1912 Torpedo Roadster. A good run on a sunny day with lunch to follow. Pat and the car preform very well. Pat takes second place, and so we avoid getting the big, ugly trophy! We do not go to the Can Am this year due to conflicting travel plans when we cruise the St.Lawrence.
  • 2009 - Sept. 17, 18, 19, 20, 2009. The CanAm is arranged by Blaze and Monica, in the Campbell River area. We trailer the Speedster up on Neff's trailer, on Thursday. Tour on Friday is very good despite a bit of rain. We see the Marine Museum and then lunch stop at Elk Lake Falls Park. The dinner was at Dyke's home. On Saturday we have another good tour that takes us to Sayward with interesting coffee stops and lunch stop. The banquet is in the Lions Hall. We seem to have a record number of participants and the Hall is full. Back home on Sunday with a lovely lunch stop at a pub overlooking the ocean.
  • 2009 - June 21 2009. The annual Father's Day or Model T day of the Barny Oldfield Memorial run. A good breakfast and visit before we set off on the run. There are a good number of participants this year.
  • 2008 - June 15,2008 The Fathers Day Model T Barney Oldfield Memorial run. I do not have many photos of this year. We do not do the CanAm this year either as there were conflictiong dates, plus it was held farther south around Fife.
  • 2007 Sept. 13, 14, 15, 16, 2007 - The Can Am was held in Mission this year, with a nice tour to Harrison Hot Springs on Friday. Saturday is another foggy day with lunch stop at Fort Langley and the awards banquet at a pub up the street from our Best Western Hotel. Was a fine tour organized by the Findlays. Some of my photos make it to the VCCC magazine, as Ken said he was too busy to take pictures. Thanks Ken and Chris and friends and family, for all the hard work.
  • 2007 - June 17, 2007. Barney Oldfield Memorial Model T Run. Have some good photos of this year, if I ever get the album finished.
  • 2006 - September 14, 15, 16 CanAm meet at Anacortes. We take our BMW as there is a promise of rain. Cyrs bring their Smart Car as their T died on the way out the driveway to the tour. I have some interesting photos of this trip, from the BMW point of view. It is one of the first times out for my Canon S3 IS, also. We have a stop in L'Connor during this meet.
    I am pretty sure we were on the Model T Days run in 2006 and previously, but I have no photos or notes for this event when using my old Canon Powershot A50.
  • 2005 - July 15 to 23, 2005, the Model T Ford Club International Meet at Cochrane, Alberta. Excellent meet with many good photos. After the meet we continue eastward with the Speedster on the trailer behind the Campervan, to Saskatchewan.

  • 1990 - December 14 to 23 - to get Speedster wheels in Salome, Arizona, from John Pinney. There is NO PHOTO ALBUM for this trip. All of the daily travel is to be added to Pre 1989 Travel Logue page. It is a Private and Password protected page. Contact me for the password.

  • - - - All Albums listed are under construction. . . . to be continued . . .

  • Genoa Bay - We take at least an annual trip on the motorcycle to have lunch at Genoa Bay. I go every chance I get. Its a beautiful spot. It has a nice little art shop, on the water, of course.
  • Car stuff - RROC & BDC - We have gone many places with the Fuel Economy Meet, and the Spring Meet.
  • Car Stuff - Model Ts - We attend meets with the Can-Am group, the Model Ts day, annually.
  • Car Stuff - Antiques - The cars and the members of this group are often the same as the people in the other groups, but we go to some interesting places with a meet that lasts 5 days with the Antique chapter of the VCCC. We attend the Island Challenge with this group annually.
  • Car Stuff - The Chevy Van - We had this Van for 7 years and sold it in June of 2003.
  • Car Stuff - The 1995 Pleasure Way Dodge Lodge - We had this Van for 5 years and traded it for the 2000 Wide Body Pleasure Way Dodge Lodge in February, 2008.
  • Car Stuff - The 2000 Wide Body Pleasure Way Dodge Lodge - We purchased our 2000 wide body Pleasure Way Dodge Lodge after Pat had spotted it on Wheaton's car lot. When we got it on February 8, 2008 there was 30,800 kms on the mileage meter. We sold it privately on July 17, 2017, when it had 97,607 kms on it. In the nine years we used this vehicle we added 66,807 kms to the mileage meter. More info Here
  • Car Stuff - The 2017/18 Leisure Travel Van - We picked up our new Leisure Travel Van in August, 2017
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