New Dodge Lodge

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The New Dodge Lodge

We bought our 2000 Wide Body Pleasure Way, Dodge Lodge on February 8, 2008 from Wheaton's with a trade-in of our Old Dodge Lodge. This camperized van has a button to automatically recline the back seat and then we would rearrange the cushions and add our bedding each night. We set the table up at the back for supper and used the back seat as our dining chairs. The bathroom contained the sink and toilet and could have been used as a shower but would have made all the things in the bathroom wet. We used campground showers. The TV is stationary and faces the bed arrangement. We had a built in coffee maker. The interior carpet, fabric and wood was all white. So, Pat fashioned a grey carpet that fit over the floor. There was a 3-way fridge that was quite small, a two burner propane stove, a sink and a microwave oven. This microwave oven had to be replaced after we were in a lightning storm at Irvin's campground. The outside storage is fairly limited. Pat cannot stand fully up in the van. We have one closet for hanging clothes, and storage bins for dishes, food, clothing, etc.
Pat arranged the sale of our New Dodge Lodge on kijiji to very nice people from Chase, after we had arrange for the purchase of our Leisure Travel, Unity Twin Bed from with Rick Kalinoka of Country RV in Kelowna. We had travelled 66,807 kms in the 2000 Pleasure Way Van in the 9 years we had owned it.


  • I will be making a small photo album of some of the photos I have HERE We acquired a closed trailer to tow the new old 1912 Torpedo Roadster Model T Ford. We have towed the trailer with our 1912 Model T Roadster in it to numerous car events, as well as other trips not including the Model T. These events will be mentioned on the Travel Logue page and on the Antiques page or the Model Ts page depending on the event; as well as on the Travel page.

  • Genoa Bay - We take at least an annual trip on the motorcycle to have lunch at Genoa Bay. I go every chance I get. Its a beautiful spot. It has a nice little art shop, on the water, of course.
  • Car stuff - RROC & BDC - We have gone many places with the Fuel Economy Meet, and the Spring Meet.
  • Car Stuff - Model Ts - We attend meets with the Can-Am group, the Model Ts day, annually.
  • Car Stuff - Antiques - The cars and the members of this group are often the same as the people in the other groups, but we go to some interesting places with a meet that lasts 5 days with the Antique chapter of the VCCC. We attend the Island Challenge with this group annually.
  • Car Stuff - The Chevy Van - We had this Van for 7 years and sold it in June of 2003.
  • Car Stuff - The 1995 Pleasure Way Dodge Lodge - We had this Van for 5 years and traded it for the 2000 Wide Body Pleasure Way Dodge Lodge in February, 2008.
  • Car Stuff - The 2000 Wide Body Pleasure Way Dodge Lodge - We purchased our 2000 wide body Pleasure Way Dodge Lodge after Pat had spotted it on Wheaton's car lot. When we got it on February 8, 2008 there was 30,800 kms on the mileage meter. We sold it privately on July 17, 2017, when it had 97,607 kms on it. In the nine years we used this vehicle we added 66,807 kms to the mileage meter. More info Here
  • Car Stuff - The 2017/18 Leisure Travel Van - We picked up our new Leisure Travel Van in August, 2017
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