Page 1 – Victoria, Campbell River to Port McNeil
Day 1 – July 15, 2002:
We pack the Chevy van and are on our way by noon, with lunch stop at McDonalds. Nice weather, sun 20 C. To Richard and Rosalie's at about 3:00. We tour the rustic stuff, the shop and gardens. Have a wonderful dinner and a good visit. Back on the road and we find the Thunderbird campsite at Campbell River for our first night out.
I have included photos from Englishman River Falls from an earlier trip.

Some of Richard's Rust may be seen here

ni101_small.jpg ni102_small.jpg ni103_small.jpg ni104_small.jpg ni105_small.jpg
ni106_small.jpg ni107_small.jpg ni108_small.jpg ni109_small.jpg ni110_small.jpg
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