Day 2 – July 16, 2002
Breakfast and shower, on the road by 9:00. Stop at Staples and get a 64 mega pixel CF card. To Sayward and have a quick look around then on to Kelsey Bay. Stop at restuarant for coffee. Lots of photos here - old pier stuff. Then to Telegraph Cove over a few km of gravel road. Watch the logging operations in the Bay and see them unload a clear cutter machine and watch it work. The place is a mess with new development.
On to Port McNeil and into our campsite by 4:00. It is threatening rain.

ni111_small.jpg ni112_small.jpg ni113_small.jpg ni114_small.jpg ni115_small.jpg
ni116_small.jpg ni117_small.jpg ni118_small.jpg ni119_small.jpg ni120_small.jpg
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Uploaded: February 28, 2021

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