Page 6 shows the little rockery at the back, and the path past the strawberries to what is now the cutting garden. There is an overview of the grass area where the apple tree grows, and is still producing apples. Then we move to the front garden with the grass path outlined by boxwood hedges, and the stepping stone paths around the inner garden. The half barrel rotted and so the black tub has been moved to the woodland. I am adding more space to the little rockery at the front where the half barrel was sitting.

paa61_small.jpg paa62_small.jpg paa63_small.jpg paa64_small.jpg paa65_small.jpg
paa66_small.jpg paa67_small.jpg paa68_small.jpg paa69_small.jpg paa70_small.jpg

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Recreated and upload January 30, 2021

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