A few snaps of our trip to Mexico - Puerto Vallareta, Las Hadas, Guadalajara (1976) . A barefoot cruise on the Fantome, a sailing ship. We drove down to Florida (Volkswagon Fastback), flew over to Freeport and got on board the Fantome for a week. We would stop at different Islands, crawl over the side on a rope ladder and jump into a dinghy and go ashore to see the sites or snorkel and sun bath. Then back home via the Volkswagon. We had a half a day and night in New Orleans on this trip And overnite stops in other cities. One stop we were storm stayed in Jamestown, SD and had to be billeted in a dormitory at Westminster College, as all the hotels were taken and no travelling allowed on the highways. Very memorable trip.(1975).

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Uploaded: March 15, 2021

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