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The car below is the John Lennon Rolls while it was in the Royal British Columbia Museum in Victoria, BC.
The car otherwise is housed in a shop in Victoria.

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RROC and BDC car club events

Pat owns a 1951 Mark VI Bentley. In 1976 Pat and his cousin, Bill went to London, UK, to purchase the Bentley. We have attended numerous club events with this car. As of 2009 the primary events we attend are the Fuel Economy run held in September and the Spring Meet, held in April or May.
I will be listing the events we have attended with links to any of the albums as I finish them.


  • 2017 ISLAND PICNIC- August 6, 2017. This year the Island Picnic was hosted by Robin Hine and Sam, with help from David and Frances Stocks, at Robin's home on Madrona. A beautiful home with a view over the water. The tide was slowly coming in, people were swimming in the shallows. There were about 20 people from all over the Island, and probably half as many cars in attendance. Nice picnic with our little table, lawn chairs and salads. The food was supplemented by punch, sliders and homemade ice cream by Robin and Sam, and watermelon and I know not what all else by David and Frances. Wonderful relaxing few hours. No photos so there will be no photo album for this one.

  • SPRING MEET - Fuel Economy run - April 23, 2017. No album for this day as it was a rainy not too warm day. The Spring Meet - Fuel Economy run was organized by Jim Walters, with help from Bill Fane, Dave Baron. The meet hotel is the new hotel, The Prestige Oceanfront Resort. On Friday the people arrive at the meet hotel and are on their own for the day. The next morning we go to the Chevron gas station in Sooke to fill up the tanks, and then set off in the rain for Port Renfrew where we are to have lunch at the Pub on the Harbor. It is a long and winding road in the rain. We get parked at the pub and make a dash for the door. They have an area of the pub reserved for us. The Bentley ran well with some backfires. Nice visit with the Stocks and Waites over lunch The seafood chowder is exceptional. By the odometer we did 90 miles there and back to the Petrocan gas station at Sooke to top up the tanks, using 24.022 litres. We head home and put the Bentley away in the garage. We head back to the Hotel in the Passat after freshening up and doing a quick change of clothes. The meet was well attended with the oldest car being the 1923 - 3 litre Bentley and much newer Rolls and Bentleys, some new people, some old people. Good food and service at both places. Robin and Sam took the trophy for the best fuel economy.
  • 2016 test track - August 20, 21, 2016. The meet was organized by Barbara and Steve with a visit to Faulty Towers and Garden attended by participating members; followed by a Rocking Horse Pub dinner on August 20th. The next day, after breakfast at the Travel Lodge Hotel in Parksville, we drove down island in convoy to the test track on the Lake Cowichan Highway. We were well met by Barry and other members of the track team. We watched some drivers in their cars and then they had their lunch break at noon while we got to do 4 laps following a pace car (no passing allowed) -- a challenging to drive. After that excitement we had a lavish buffet lunch to top off an enjoyable day.
  • 2015 Island Picnic - August 16, 2015. This year the Island Picnic was hosted by Robin Hine at his home on Madrona. A beautiful home with a view over the water. The tide was slowly coming in, people were swimming in the shallows. There were about 20 people, and probably half as many cars in attendance.
  • 2014 Island Picnic - August 10, 2014. The Stocks organized the meeting of any of the cars from the Islands, or otherwise; to enjoy a picnic at Gwen's place. It was a very sunny hot day, but was cool in the shade on the patio of the house. About 25 people in the group picture, toasting the Vancouver group who were doing the same picnic over the pond.
  • 2013 Island Polo - August 25, 2013. The Stocks organized the meeting of any of the cars from the Islands, or otherwise; who wanted to attend a Polo Match. We brought our own picnic lunch and dressed in our Ascot best. It was great fun. About 7 or 8 cars with passengers attended. It was sponsored by the Rotary club in aid of the Mustard Seed charity.
  • 2013 - April.19, 20, 21, 2013. The Spring Meet - Fuel Economy run is organized by Jim Walters and Deborah. The meet hotel is the Howard Johnsons on Elk Lake Drive. On Friday nite people go out to Gwen Page's museum to get the info packages. Pat goes, I am not interested. Saturday morning we meet at the Co-op Gas at the Royal Oak mall. From there we drive downtown, waterfront, Aviatian Museum and back up to the Spitfire Grill for lunch. We tour around some more and get back to the Co-op to end the Fuel Economy run. Back to the Hotel for banquet and awards. Good tour and good food. Sunday is a tech session at the hotel, and more of Gwen's place, if you wish. Good meet with about 28 cars.
  • 2012 - Sept. 21, 22, 23, 2012. The September meet seems to have become a contest for rally type points between Canada and the USA. This is the second annual. We have perfect weather. The meet is organized by Jim Walters and Deborah. The meet hotel is the Howard Johnson on Elk Lake Drive, Victoria. On Friday we enjoy an evening at the home of Gary Karr and Harmon Lewis. Gary is a world renowned bass player and Harmon accompanied him on the piano at their concert. Was wonderful. Next morning we proceed to a Glass Blowing studio for a demonstration. I get a bauble that was calling my name. Lunch up the road at the Merridale Cider place. Pizza for 65 people. We get our rally instructions and arrive at Whipple Tree Junction for more letters to complete our scrable words. We follow the rally instructions and end up at Jim's place for a garage tour and to hand in our rally sheets. Home and to the banquet at Howard Johnsons. Very good food and a good time had by all. Canada won the total points awarded this year. Gwen P. had a Good byes brunch and there was a technical session on Sunday, but we did not attend either.
  • 2010 - April. 23, 24, 25, 2010. The Spring Meet - Fuel Economy run is organized by Steve and Barbara Harris. We begin the tour with a gathering at The Faulty Towers, home of Steve and Barbara, in Parksville. We proceed to view the Mars bombers and on to lunch near Sproat Lake. We proceed to Uculet to the end of the fuel economy at the co-op filling station in Uculet. We overnite and have our wind up banquet at Long Beach Lodge. Our room is right on the beach. Fantastic! Pat wins a 3rd overall on the fuel economy. See the album for more.
  • 2009 - Sept. 25, 26, 27, 2009. The Fuel Economy run is organized by Bill and Bev Fane. We begin the tour with a nog 'n' natter in the lounge of the Mission Hotel on Friday nite. The next morning we all fuel up the cars and head off up the old Fraser Canyon route on our way to Merrit where we record the fuel used when we refill the gas tanks. Pat wins a second place certificate. See the album for more.
  • 2009 - May 24,25,26, 2009. Spring Meet. The Kingfisher is the meet hotel and the banquet place. We have judging of the cars and lunch at the Golf course. We are at a woodland garden for tea. Good weather and a good meet organized by Steve and Barb Harris.
  • 2008 - Sept. 26, 27, 2008. Fuel Economy run. Sidney to Sooke (our place fri Dunmuir Lodge words in here
  • 2008 April 18, 19, 2008. Spring Meet on Saltspring snow
  • 2007 - Sept 2007 Fuel Economy Run - to Whistler .
  • 2007 - April 28, 29, 30, 2007 Spring Meet at Chemanius
  • >
  • 2003 2003 - Sept - RROC Fuel Economy run - Uculet, long Beach - photo album of Long Beach under photography, there will be a Car Stuff album also, some day.

  • 1996 1996 - May - Rocky Mountain Tour
    May 18 to 23, 1996 - RROC and BDC Rocky Mountain Tour. 85 people and 39 cars. We toured for a week in Alberta with the RROC & BDC. Vancouver to Golden. To Canmore the next day with lunch at Patinos, through Calgary to the Palliser Hotel. We get registered for the tour, meet many of the people on tour and have dinner. We have been seeing lots of wildlife. On the 20th breakfast and drive to Cochrane, to Canmore for lunch at Patrinos again, and on to Banff Springs Hotel. Seeing more wildlife. We walk about a mile to Bow Falls and to the Waldhause Resturaunt for dinner. Overnight at the Banff Springs Hotel. On the 21st Pat helped Wilf change a tire, and then we all (Pete and Audree, Wilf and Lin) went downtown and had lunch. Pat took Pete and Audree with us to the hot springs. Then we drove around - to Bow Falls and through the forest and back around to the hotel and dinner. On the 22nd we drove over the 1A - Bow Valley Parkway and #93 Highway with box lunch stop at Columbia Icefields. Some of the people went up on to the Glacier. Then on to the Jasper Park Lodge for the reception at 6:00. Wilf got the Moose of Misery for his unfortunate flat tire. I wrote a poem about the Moose of Misery. it was published in the the Flying Lady which is the RROC magazine. See the poetry page for the poem On 23rd after breakfast we went about town and to the Museum. After lunch we went to Maligne Canyon then on to Medicine Lake (close up bear sighting). Back to the Lodge for supper. On the 23rd we drive back to Lake Louise along Highway #93A - The Icefields Parkway, and stop at the Icefields for a box lunch again. To the Lake Louise Inn and get registered and unpacked. We had previously stopped at the LB Store and made stop for snow in the wash bucket. Before dinner we have drinks with the usual crew then go to dinner which is an outdoor barbeque. On the 24th we all head home. We phoned Jaromy and John from Kamploops and back to Clearwater to visit and stay overnight. Good to see them. Next day on home, stopping to see Lloyd and Jo for a few minutes. See the Travel logue page for more of our many adventures on this trip. The travel logue page is private and password protected. Contact me for the password.

  • 1992 1992 - May 1992 See the travel logue page for the travel journal notes. It is PRIVATE and PASSWORD PROTECTED. Contact me for the password mmmee at Page 1: Since this is before digital camera days I only have a few photos. The photos from our 1992 trip to Alaska, through B.C., the Yukon, with a return via the MV Columbia of the Alaska Marine Highway; are on Pages 1 and 2. This trip was arranged by Charles Kux-Kardos of Dawson Creek, B.C. from the RROC and Bentley Clubs. We had an agenda for arrival at our booked hotels and places to dine. We generally were welcomed to the town with various presentations and a display of the cars. This tour was in commemmoration of the 50th year anniversary of the construction of the Alaska Highway.

  • 1991 1991 - August - RROC National Meet in Monterrey, California. We have 2 days at Carmel at a B & B. Travelling with Ian Purdy and Candy Chapman. To Laguna Seca Concours at Peeble Beach golf course. Pat did hot laps around the Laguna Seca Track. We go to the Aquarium in Monterrey with a walk-about dinner of appetizers, theatre outdoors, in the dark, wine tour, Hearst Castle on a bus tour. There is no photo album for this trip.

  • 1989 Drove in the BMW to the RROC and BDC car club meets in Williamstown, Mass., with a visit to New York, New York, Saratoga Springs, Lime Rock Raceway, Newport. We get to ride in Everett Dickinson's 4.5 litre Bentley stopping at Saratoga Springs and Tanglewood to listen to the Boston Symphony. After all the gala affairs we head north, through Maine, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. We then head home and get back some time in September, after spending a few days at Fran's home. We left July 26th, and I am very homesick and anxious to get home.

  • - - - All Albums listed are under construction. . . . to be continued . . .

  • Genoa Bay - We take at least an annual trip on the motorcycle to have lunch at Genoa Bay. I go every chance I get. Its a beautiful spot. It has a nice little art shop, on the water, of course.
  • Car stuff - RROC & BDC - We have gone many places with the Fuel Economy Meet, and the Spring Meet.
  • Car Stuff - Model Ts - We attend meets with the Can-Am group, the Model Ts day, annually.
  • Car Stuff - Antiques - The cars and the members of this group are often the same as the people in the other groups, but we go to some interesting places with a meet that lasts 5 days with the Antique chapter of the VCCC. We attend the Island Challenge with this group annually.
  • Car Stuff - The Chevy Van - We had this Van for 7 years and sold it in June of 2003.
  • Car Stuff - The 1995 Pleasure Way Dodge Lodge - We had this Van for 5 years and traded it for the 2000 Wide Body Pleasure Way Dodge Lodge in February, 2008.
  • Car Stuff - The 2000 Wide Body Pleasure Way Dodge Lodge - We had this Van for 5 years and traded it for the 2000 Wide Body Pleasure Way Dodge Lodge in February, 2008.
  • Car Stuff - The 2017/18 Leisure Travel Van - We picked up our new Leisure Travel Van in August, 2017
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