I created this album from a roll of Ilford XP2 in my Canon 35mm that I shot while watching these two old ravens play with items at the water supply at Irvin's campground, Valemount, B.C. The last one is on Kodak black and white 400, taken on a different day to round out the series. There may be more photos added to the series, and more improvements made to the overall set up as I learn how to do more things with my cameras and my computer. Please feel free to comment on any of this in my guestbook.

I never did get back to using my Canon film camera and traded it at Kerrisdale Cameras a few years ago.

I have recently moved my hosting space, domains, etc. to Computers on Wheels. We cannot figure out how to make the old albums created with Adobe Photoshop show on the internet. So, I am starting to re-create all of those albums. I will be noting the new upload dates as I get them finished.

ra1_small.jpg ra2_small.jpg ra3_small.jpg ra4_small.jpg
ra5_small.jpg ra6_small.jpg ra7_small.jpg ra8_small.jpg

Photo album created by M. M. Meehan

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Recreated album and Uploaded December 15, 2020