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The series are under construction. Finished Albums: Homework, Star Trek, Lambs, Long Beach, Waves, Raven Affair, Richard's Rust, Chastity, Painted Vases.

Star Trek

Just having a bit of fun with this one. Please feel free to join me.

Imagine the frame of each photo as the television set.

Man Hole Covers

Every city, town, or village has some of its history beneath our feet. Some of the covers are artistic, others utilitarian. Some cover deep tunnels with ladders, others just a few inches.


I have found some of the most interesting light and perspectives to photograph on stairs. There is also some elaborate architecture to be found on stairs.


There are many interesting situations to photograph in the daily or weekly chores around the home - from the humdrum to the very important.


Doors are something we see everyday and seldom notice, unless they are out of the ordinary or very ornate.

Please, come in!


Wood is an important element in our lives. The grain and bark of the wood form interesting patterns in macro. Trees can add to a landscape or stand alone.


Shadows add another dimension to any photo. The shadow, alone, can make an interesting scene. We all have one that follows us everywhere.


I created this album after reading an article in the newspaper about some modern views by young people on the state of marriage.


Fire hydrants appear in various colors and some highly imaginative configur- ations. They can appear decorative as well as being usefull.


Snow, Ice, Hoarfrost and other frozen things turn our winters to a wonderland.

Crisp, cool and refreshing.

Fog Mist

The misty, foggy days add mystery to our surroundings.

The lack of light makes the scene seem serene, quiet and peaceful.

Richard's Rust

A very sunny few hours spent viewing the treasures that Richard has stashed away on his acreage. This does not include the Stanley Steamer, and other treasures, which are not 'rust'. They will appear under "Antiques " - Travel section.


Unexpected colors and shapes appear to fascinate and hold our attention. Fleeting moments that quickly change with movement or the diminishing of the light.


The pictures in abstract created by the slow erosion of the metal produce some brilliant color. Some of mother nature's creations to be enjoyed at your leisure.


Windows are like the eyes of a building. They give each building its own special character. They reflect the surroundings to add layers of depth and interest to the photo.


To watch the ocean in motion is a very relaxing. I want to bring some of that meditative quality to this album by showing the movement and depth in this creation of nature.

Sunspots and Flares

The extra light captured by shooting into the sun or bright reflections add interest and intrigue to the composition.


The sheep saga began with Irene's purchase of a huge "Serta" sheep somewhere in Alberta. Since then we have been having a lot of fun with these crazy Canadian lambs.

Long Beach

This is a series of photos taken at Long Beach, B.C. while waiting with Car Club members for our dinner at the Winkaninish. The light the next moring was magical also.

Raven Affair

While on my way to see a beaver lodge near Irvin's campground, I stopped to watch 2 old Ravens playing at the water outlet. I know Ravens mate for life, so the Affair is really about playing with available material.

Native Art

The design and colors used in artistic creations following the Native traditions are unique. Examples may be found, primarily in totem poles.


I like to find these architectural features to shoot. They add symmetry and a nice order to the photo, sometimes in front of a chaotic background. There may be a few fences included, as well.

Grave Matters

We all eventually have a final resting place for our bodies. I include some snapshots of places visited in our travels.


Bridges present many opportunities for interesting architectural photos, incorportating symmetry as well as scenic spots.

Beach Combing

A walk along the beach whether it is rocky or sandy will reveal some very interesting , sometimes collectable items.


Ships and boats on the ocean, seas, rivers or lakes come in all sizes and kinds, from pleasure boats to working ships, tugs and cargo boats


Having a bit of fun with my teddy bears..

Painted Vases

I have set a flower in bloom in front of a vase to give the appearance of a painted vase.


Usefull or decorative, inside or outside, chairs are part of our everyday life. We would all sit a bit lower in life without chairs.


Museums and parks are where all guns belong, not in the pockets of school children. I protest anyone's 'right to bear arms'. I think it is time the human race progressed to a more civilized way of settling disputes.

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