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North Easterly

I am a block from the trail in this direction. I go past Copley Park, where there is a football/soccer field and a tennis court. Continuing on, I go across the Colquitz River and through a small forest. I go across a busy street, and pass Brydon Park where there are children playing. Onward up the hill takes me to the Royal Oak shopping mall - an enjoyable destination, well worth the effort of the walk.

My Walk

I walk almost everyday throughout the year. I am fortunate to live close to a walking trail that connects to other trails within the community that go for miles and miles. The part of the trail that I walk in either direction, follows the Colquitz River. Our house, and a few neighbouring houses are within a horseshoe or "C" shape formed by this River. There is a diversity of activity along the trail. In either direction I travel approxmately 5 miles round trip.

South Westerly

I am a block from the trail in this direction. I take a well travelled path past Pananma Hill Park which is grasses, rocks, trees and contains a pond, that is developing into a wildlife habitat. I go past Panama Flats which are agricultural fields that are under water in winter and farmed in summer. There is a diversity of things to see along this trail in each season. The trail follows along the Colquitz River.

Spring is the season of renewal. As I walk along the chip trail I see pussy willows where there will soon be the new leaves of summer. The air is fresh and clean. In the pond the wildlife are noisy, colorful. abundant and starting the new season with mates. In secret glens I can find rare beauties, like the fawn lilies. The Winter's lake will soon be mud & the crops will be planted in Panama Flats. The forgotten fruit trees on Panama Hill will be in bloom. The many various kinds of grasss will be growing and green.
Summer is the warm, dry growing season. I see the flowers coming into bloom and the birds playing and feeding around the pond. All the trees and grasses are green. The grasses blow and sway in waves in the breeze. There are bees, butterflies, garden snakes, birds of all kinds. The crops are being irrigated; growing in geometrical rows in contrast to natures random placement of color and form. It all blends into a very photogenic, tranquil scene. There is a bench to sit and contemplate or rest after climbing Panama Hill.
Fall is time for harvest. The trees are dressed in their red and gold autumn colors. The grasses are the light to darkest brown shades. The crops on Panama Flats are ready for harvest. There is a crispness in the air to make me hurry my steps to get back to the warmth of home. The berries are forming on the bushes. The blackberries are ready for picking and are a delicious treat in pies and the rumpot. The Gary Oaks are loosing their leaves revealing the intricate pattern of twisted branches. There are new visitors to the Pond.
Winter brings the colder weather, sometimes snow and ice. The Colquitz River water level has risen to the top of the banks and occasionally overflows the banks. The crops are harvested and Panama Flats begins to fill up with water with the rainy season. The days are shorter and so my walking hours change to earlier in the day. I am more likely to walk to the Mall at this time of the year, as there is more incentive to walk in that direction now. Or the walks become shorter as do the hours of daylight.
Trail In 2013 Saanich Parks completed the trail across the street from our house. We can see all the bicycles, dog walkings, joggers, etc. from our dining room window. When the front tree leafs out we cannot see the trail from our living room window.

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