Page one shows the fish with the years of the photos. And the replacement of the fish that have been eaten by predators. The blue heron and raccoons, are the worst. See the old water garden page and the purchases on the Plant lists page I will be making a new Water page. that will continue in three parts much like the old one.
This page also shows the squirrels that are often in the garden to bury acorns from the English oak tree and hazel nuts from the Harry Lauders walking stick. Sometimes they dig up tulip bulbs also

gafish_small.jpg gafish2_small.jpg gafish3_small.jpg gafish4_small.jpg gafish5_small.jpg
gafish6_small.jpg gafish7_small.jpg gafish8_small.jpg gasq_small.jpg gasq2_small.jpg
gasq3_small.jpg gasq4_small.jpg gasq5_small.jpg gasq6_small.jpg gafrog_small.jpg
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Created and upload January 30, 2024

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