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Hawaii April 1990.
We booked a city tour of Honolulu and another tour of the surrounding area. We had a ride in the Atlantis Submarine. There were some arial photos. We flew to Kona on the Big Island and got a rental car. The next day we drove around the Island to Hilo where we stayed over night and visited the Botantical gardens the next day, the 8th. To see the Akaka Falls and to Kamuel (Waimea) and the Parker Ranch on the 9th. On the 10th we fly to Kaui, picked up our rental car and drive to Paipu Beach. On the 11th Pat takes his Bali Hai helicopter ride to fly around the island. I stayed in the town and shopped. More touristing after lunch. On the 12th we took it a bit easier, with a late start and a visit to the Museum at Lihue.

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