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Hawaii April 1990.
On the 13th we flew to Maui, where Bonnie met us with lei! To our Kihei Bay Vista 1 br. apartment. Bonnie had been to our room and left more goodies - big fruit basket, etc. Out to a very nice supper and then to hear a jazz singer at the 4 Seasons Hotel. The 14th was Easter. On the 15th Bonnie and Pat went up a great mountain place to catch the sunrise. On the 16th we drove to Hana - 52 miles of winding road with the 7 sacred pools at the end. Pat and Bonnie went to the pools but we didn't really have enough time for a swim as we wanted to drive back in daylight. On the 17th Bonnie has a class to prepare for, so Pat and I shopped a bit, to the beach, back to our room to rest for our journey home tomorrow.
See Travel Logue for this trip CLICK HERE - Pre 1989 Travel Logue, for the 1990 travel and for the 2000s travel. The Travel logue page is PRIVATE and PASSWORD protected. Contact me for the password.
The last 2 photos are from our desert trip to Salome, Arizona to get the Model T wheels. See the Travel logue page, also, for this trip.

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