A Trafalgar bus tour of Turkey from March 18 to April 1 (15 days) in 1999. All of the daily travel is to be added to Pre 1989 Travel Logue page. It is a Private and Password protected page. Contact me for the password. It will be a long scroll to get to the 1999 Turkey travel journal notes. Jump to the 2000 and skroll upwards.
The photos are not in the order of the days on the trip. There is more information on the captions for the photos, and of course, more details in my travel journal notes, mentioned above. The Grand Bazar and Spice Market (Istanbul) were closed due to a Moselm holiday, so we go to the basilica cistern instead. We had a carpet making demonstration, a pottery making demonstration. An add on to the trip was a cruise of the Bosphorus and then dinner at a restaurant that had a show, including belly dancing.

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Uploaded: September 30, 2021

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