A Trafalgar bus tour of Turkey from March 18 to April 1 (15 days) in 1999. All of the daily travel is to be added to Pre 1989 Travel Logue page. It is a Private and Password protected page. Contact me for the password. It will be a long scroll to get to the 1999 Turkey travel journal notes. Jump to the 2000 and skroll upwards.
We visited the Mevlana Museum and Mosque(whirling dervishes) in Konya, the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, the Hagia Sophia, and other mosques, the ruins at Epheseus and Troy with a rebuilt Trojan horse, Cappadocia with the former homes and churches in the caves, what was purported to be Saint Mary's home after the death of Jesus, Perge ruins, Pergamon ruins, etc. All the while our guide, Mustafa would be filling our heads with more and more good information.
Pat managed to get a leather jacket and a meerschaum pipe, I got a very nice piece of pottery, that I probably paid far too much for, its lovely. We purchased two very nice soft wool "wraps" (one for Fran). I still use mine, its very cosy and warm in winter. Since this was one of our first trips I bought the tourist books from Pergamon, Cappadocia, Antalya, Ephesus, Troy and Istanbul.
While researching on the internet about Turkish places we visited I came across this most interesting historic information about the Syriacs Yet another very interesting historical place to see in Turkey.

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