Page 10 has a few photos of the bit of renovation on the stone path around the inner garden at the front. I removed a lot of the thyme that was growing in the path and widened it a bit to make the sundial circle more accessible. There is a good view of the campanula from Sandy/Ralph growing at the cross roads of the inner garden paths. It is across the path from the iberis. One blooms in Spring and the other in summer giving them each a time to be the star of the show in this garden area. I will be adding the tufa rocks and the saxifragias to this new little rock area later in the Spring of this year. There is another photo of the walk through the moss in the back garden, with tall foxgloves and other tall plants making it into a secret path for a few feet. There is an older photo of an overview of the pond and waterfall. New renovations to the waterfall pending. An artsy photo of the arm of the bench, and one of the fairly new little solar fountain pump in the pond. The last photos show the grass path at the front in early November, late November and in a February snow.

paa99b_small.jpg paa99c_small.jpg paa99d_small.jpg paa99e_small.jpg paa99f_small.jpg
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Recreated and upload January 30, 2021

Photo album created by M. M. Meehan

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