Page 9 shows several views of the thyme circle, in bloom. There is a view of the stone path into the inner garden area at the front and the grass path leading to the stone path. We see the stone path leading to the water meter . . . the ugliest part of the garden. But the trilliums grow in this area, and it is camoflaged by the magnificent magnolia when it is in bloom. From the back garden there is a nice shot of the stepping stones through the moss, one of the new rhodo and the seahorse, and the strawberry jar on the little rockery.

paa91_small.jpg paa92_small.jpg paa93_small.jpg paa94_small.jpg paa95_small.jpg
paa96_small.jpg paa97_small.jpg paa98_small.jpg paa99_small.jpg paa99a_small.jpg

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Recreated and upload January 30, 2021

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