Page 5 shows woodland paths around the old garage, the newly made stepping stones paths and one photo of the stepping stones path in a later year with the moss and Sicilian mint filling in between the stones. This path is fairly high maintenace to keep the weeds, the leaves and debris picked up, as well as keeping it watered in the summer. But is worth the effort as it looks quite nice when it is kept up. The waterfall is going to get a make-over this summer (2021) as I have a little spillway to incorporate into the area; and hopefully turn its surrounds into another little rockery. The strawberry patch is still just behind the little rockery. The vegetable garden is now the 'cutting garden' as there are too many tree roots to grow vegetables.

paa51_small.jpg paa52_small.jpg paa53_small.jpg paa54_small.jpg paa55_small.jpg
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Recreated and upload January 30, 2021

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