March 10, 2001. Crete. Rhodes to Athens, to Crete. Left Rhodes apx 10:00 am. to Athens airport and transfer to Crete. Met by Summerland Tours people sans baggage AGAIN. Check into our fancy hotel. Pat met another civil engineer on the plane. He was very informative - serving his 18 months military time. The usual buffet for dinner. appetizers contained octopus- tastes like pickled herring. For lunch we went down the street and bought chips and crackers. The restuarant was closed at 2:30. No baggage at 7:15 when we went to dinner. Back from dinner at 9:00 - no bags. I phone airline - Olympic and they said they sent the bag 2 hours ago. Phoned the desk and told them so. The bag arrived within minutes. Watching CNN. I slept all afternoon.
March 11, 2001 - Crete. Went to the archielogical museum and spent about 3 hours looking at things and another hour walking about Heraklion (city we are in on Crete) Back to our hotel by taxi (1500 drachmas - apx $6.00) Walked to the beach for apx an hour (the Cretan Sea?) We have beer when we get back and a nap. Later ouzo and go to dinner at 7:30. The dining room is full. We have buffet again and the shredded wheat drenched in honey (dessert thing) Red local wine is not too bad. We go back to our room and read and watch CNN.

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