March 7, 2001. Rhodes. Spent the day going to Airport and getting to Rhodes. Picked up at hotel and taken to terminal by taxi. A domestic flight. Picked up by taxi in Rhodes and taken to our hotel. Change rooms, have lunch in lobby bar, can still hear the service elevator slightly and our telephone does not work. Spend the rest of the afternoon resting and reading our vouchers and drinking ouzo. We have to make sure we are getting everything we paid for by insisting on it. This is not very welcoming and we conclude we do not care to travel in Greece anymore. Pat figures they have an abundance of tourists and don't give a rip. We get breakfast and supper here at this less than five star hotel.
March 8, 2001. Slept till 7:00. Breakfast - the usual array we have become accustomed to - orange juice, cereal, eggs, bacon, breads, cheeses, olives, jams, fruit and yogurt. We walk to what we thought was the old town but we were on the outside of the wall and found ourselves back at our hotel at 11:30. Have a rest and head out again. Wander around the old town this time, looking for the museum. Knights of St. John - 13th century wall. Can see Turkey from here across the Mediterrean sea. We get back and have ouzo and do 20 postcards and wait for our 7:30 supper time.

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