March 12, 2001 - Crete Heraklion. Had breakfast, Pat had the desk call us a cab and we left at about 10:30 for Knossos (Minos Palace aka; the labyrinth) Was 3650 drachamas for the trip there and we arranged for the cabbie to pick us up at 2:00. Pat took out a small bottle of wine and fruit (from the hotel welcome gifts) I think we had cheese and crackers, also. We walked all about the old ruins. Took some pictures and had our lunch in the shade of some pine trees at the labyrinth. Finished our tour of the ruins and had time for ice cream. (18°) and sat by a talking bird. black with yellow ears. Really! The bird coughed with a smokers cough when it heard some one coughing. Pat tried to make it say 'here kitty, kitty'. Back to our hotel by 2:20. Put away my shards and rocks and we rest and laze around till dinner.
This is the end of my notes, so we must have gone home on March 13th.

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