2000 Trafalgar bus tour of Bohemia

April 17 - Frankfurt to Berlin- Breakfast and on the bus to Berlin. To hotel - I nap and Pat goes out to get marks. Out to dinner (an add-on extra). Meeting interesting people - Brazil chemical engineer lady proff at university works with grad students only.
April 18 - toured around Berlin - checkpoint charlie (much history about the wars), Brandenburg gate with Niki figure on top. See a couple of castles in Potsdam which is older than Berlin, which was destroyed in the war and is being rebuilt to look the way it used to look. We fell asleep on the bus. Back to hotel and out to dinner to a chineese Restaurant on our own. Back to pack for an early start tomorrow. Lots of parks, canals, rivers, bridges and lakes in Berlin.

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Uploaded: October 30, 2021

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