2000 Trafalgar bus tour of Bohemia

April 23 - Budapest. After breakfast we went to see the Heroe's square and had our heads filled with history by our local guide. We have our original bus and driver back. After that we went to the Castle district in Buda and to see St. Mathias Church. It is Easter Sunday. Back to hotel then out to lunch and shopping at St. Andrews district - got a table cloth and an end table cloth. Hot weather - 27° again. I am in shorts. Back to hotel for 2 hours then to our Danube cruise and dinner - wonderfull - lights on the water - beautiful, St. Margaret's island and bridge - ribbon bridge lit up, looks like ribbons (too much to write) We cannot cash in our Polish money. Pat gets Hungarian money from a cash machine just out the door from our hotel.
April 24 - Budapest to Vienna. Tour in the am - the opera house and then cappicina and palachinco pancakes, next to the zoo, then to another Church for a mini concert. Back to our hotel and on the road to Vienna. Lovely sunshine in the East. A marvelous lunch stop and Gyor - soup - ice cream. A wait at the border as we are behind a busload of Balkans (Yugoslavia) whom the Austrians have to check and fine for bringing too much food back with them (less expensive in Hungary, by far, than in Austria) On to Vienna. Fields and houses look more prosperous and neat. To our hotel. It is windy and colder in Vienna. The people at the desk do not exchange Hungarian money as the Twit Tour Guide said. He is wrong again. Pat got schillings for $50.00 Canadian. Dinner is a great deal of fun at a Carlos O'Brien's of Austria! I have a couple of very bad photos that I think was in Carlos O'Brien's. But, as I type this in October. 2021; in searching for Carlos O'Brien's in Vienna, I could find no trace of it.

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Uploaded: October 30, 2021

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