2000 Trafalgar bus tour of Bohemia

April 19 - Berlin to Warsaw. Long stop at Polish border to have our passports or visas put into their computer. (80 minutes). Lunch at Pozman, while our bus and driver get lost and Tadeus went to find them, while we wait another hour. Get going down the road and the air conditioning quits. Finally get to Warsaw and dinner at 8:30. Hot day.
April 20 - Tour Warsaw in the morning - classic castle, magnolia trees, to an old town square. Lunch - hot dog and beer. Walked to look at the old wall and over the freeway to the Vistula river. Good day except our air conditioning is not working and it is 25° and the hotest spot in Europe. Tadeus has lost his voice. We go with yet another local guide to tour the fancy castle and garden. Back to hotel for a rest then to a Piano concert - Chopin in a palace in another part of the city. There was a peacock out the window putting on a display. Back to hotel and we set out to supper (8:00). Pat had saltimbocca and I had venison in a bread bowl.

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Uploaded: October 30, 2021

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