2000 Trafalgar bus tour of Bohemia

April 27 - Prague - walked and took pictures and walked and ate lunch and walked all around Prague today. Warm temps.
April 28 - Prague to Munich - border crossing not too bad. Town Square and clock in Munich - sat around on the granite blocks for an hour - things are expensive - to a smokey place for supper, choice of 3 things to eat, then to the Hoffbrauhaus (big beer parlor) - 1000 people there, live band, noisy, smokey, young people place.
April 29 - Munich to Frankfurt - stop at Nurenburg and Rottenburg - old towns. Lunch in a quaint old hotel. Big Pastry. Pat walked the old city wall. To our hotel at Frankfurt and the last supper. Not great. We had Reisling wine- to kip and up and on the bus by 8:00 next morning to catch our 1:30 Lufthansa flight home.

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Uploaded: October 30, 2021

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