March 1, 2001. Olympia. Have a cold and did not write. Rained and the group walked up and around an old ruin of some kind, then into a beehive type structure. The architecture and sound is the same as in the theatre or the stadium.
March 2, 2001. Olympia to Delphi. Slept good last nite and am feeling much better. Walked around Olympia - Temple to Zeus. Museum - Hermes and other wonderous things. Olympics are done to improve the person and done naked. When an athlete becomes a champion he can get dressed. 20 minute ferry ride across the Ionian Sea and a drive to Delphi, arriving in the dark at about 7:00. Dinner at 7:45 is not remarkable, in fact is much the same beef stew that I had for lunch. Marlena gave us a history of Greece, en route. They belong to Nato and the EEC. Our bus is full, primarily Yankees and some younger people in the travel business.

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