Feb. 26, 2001: Cruise of 3 small islands - Aegina, Poros, Hydra. Lunch on board the boat. Arrive back by 7:30, tired and cold from the outside on the boat. I seem to have two Feb. 26 days... must have lost a day in flight.
Feb. 27, 2001: Athens to Nauplia. Breakfast and early start to the Acropolis - walk up the hill and Marlena tells us about the Partheon - 1 doric temple, larger and on the right. Doric is the logic and laws and authority supported by the military. Smaller lighter temple on the left is ionic - art, philosophy. the museum contains 4 of the 7 original pillars from the ionic temple - the cyclades - very many other original pieces. Then drove to Corinth with a stop at Apollo's temple (Roman) and the spring dedicated to Daphne(?) was ancient Greek. Then to lunch by the isthmus (Corinth) canal. We saw the bridge sink and be brought up again. A boat went through the canal. Pat had pizza and I had kalamaria. Back on the bus and the next stop was - theatre - well preserved - 13 rays(?) - was healing oriented and the sanctuary of Asclepius (god of healing). Medical as developed by Hypocrates - healing mind and body as one. Very interesting information re the healing and the ancient building and architecture being firstly based upon choosing the site with regard to its relationship to the surroundings according to its appropriateness. Then on to Nauplia and our hotel. Dinner will be at 7:30 as I am writing this as we have ouzo before dinner.

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